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Book Review- Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah- a democratic leader.

ISLAMABAD -- The current hullabaloo in politics and the politics of QuaideAzam Mohammad Ali Jinnah are poles apart in terms of decency, straight forwardness, integrity and mutual respect. Today, almost every one in the political circle claims to hold the democratic flag aloft but none of them has the prudence, vision, perseverance and moral courage to prove a semblance of what the Father of the Nation stood for.

The country's politics has become hostage to such elements, who are murkier to the core, have lust for amassing more and more wealth before siphoning off the illgotten money offshore, while roaming in Pajeros and mingling with the gullible people, who vote them again and again to the power corridor despite knowingly that they are the same lot who miss no opportunity to suck the blood running in their skeletontype body.

"QuaideAzam Mohammad Ali Jinnah A democratic leader", authored by Shamshad Mangat, a veteran journalist and leading analyst, features how the Quaid embarked upon a political journey and never deviated from norms of fairness, rectitude, integrity and transparency despite treading a thorny path to take the freedom movement to the logical conclusion by carving out a separate State for the Muslims of subcontinent.

The endeavors of Mangat are directed at exploring and bringing to spotlight the unique facets of his penchant and unparalleled leaning towards democracy as motivational avenue for people of Pakistan towards journey to their destiny of which they themselves were makers or breakers.

QuaideAzam was not only staunch advocate of democracy but he made democratic norms sum and substance of his political life which catered to his visionary concepts of erecting an edifice on rock solid foundations of people will and veracity.

Mangat is realist to the core and he never compromises on the facts and he pens down downrightly what his eye catches in and around the milieu he is living but he is all praise for the man of principles.

Author brings into spotlight the democratic mindset of the father of nation, which has remained centre stage of his entire political life as he made his mark in the political arena with playing a marked role in bringing revolutionary modifications in the manifesto and constitution of Congress in 1908. This reflects abundantly that his constitutional and democratic frame of mind was the ladder Quaid opted to scale up the heights of precipitous cliffs of politics and emerged as visionary statesman.

QuadieAzam always pursued a democratic and constitutional path without caring for severe backlash from the people and never caved in to any pressure no matter it did clip his popular fame.

Citing to Congress public meeting held in Nagpur under Shiri Raj Gopal Acharya in the last week of December 1920, author chalks out comparison between the stances of leaders of Congress and QuadeAzam in the perspective of democratic thinking. Prior to Nagpur meeting Congress was advocating the doctrine of reforming the management through national unity in constitutional manner. Contrary to it what Gandhi presented the resolution negated this standpoint.

Gandhi said in the resolution that objective of Indian National Congress is that people of India should seek freedom through all just and peaceful means.

QuaideAzam could remain silent over this shift from principled stance and said avowedly while addressing Gandhi " your way is wrong and my way is right because legal and constitutional way is always right.

QuaideAzam was unable to understand that how such movement could meet success wherein the boys and girls are taken out from their colleges and schools, are delinked from education and are set on the path to agitation.

QuaideAzam was averse to ride on tide of cheap popularity by inflaming the sentiments of people on petty issues. His adherence and commitment to law and constitution stands him on the pedestal of law abiding politician about whom the British rule could not find even a jot of pretext to send him behind the bars during his entire span of political life in their dominion.

Author laments that what tenets remained embedded in the prudently woven democratically fortified diplomatic empire of father of nation have been befogged and in most cases marginalized to extinction in the politics scenario of today which stands dominated by devil incarnate politicians.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Mar 10, 2015
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