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Book Review: A New Baby at Koko Bear's House.

Book Review: A New Baby at Koko Bear's House

by Vicki Lansky, The Book Peddlers, 612-912-0036; 612-912-0105 (fax)

Visit your local library or bookstore and you will find plenty of fun books to read to your child to help prepare him or her for a sibling. While browsing the shelves, be sure to look for A New Baby at Koko Bear's House by Vicki Lansky. While many books, including this one, address the interests of a child who is anticipating a sibling, this book is unique in that it also suggests things that parents can to do to help their child through the transition. On each page of dialogue, Ms. Lansky includes tips for parents that directly relate to what is occurring with the Bear family as they anticipate the birth of a new cub.

Koko, the main character, could be either a boy or a girl (let your little one decide), so children of either gender can relate well. My daughter, who is almost two and will be a big sister come July, has requested this book over and over. I think she likes listening to a story about another toddler who is coping with some of the same stresses (both good and bad) that she has trouble verbalizing. At the same time, I appreciate the helpful ideas that it offers me as a parent in preparing my daughter for this huge transition.

At $5.95, this book is affordable, and its "dual-help" approach makes it a perfect gift for very young children or parents who are awaiting the arrival of a new baby.

--Kamal Bridge is pursuing certification as an ALACE birth assistant. She is also a member of the CARE (Childbirth Assistance, Resources and Education) Network, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin area group of birth assistants, educators, and midwives. She is married and has two daughters, Heather, and her newest addition, Erica Hope, born July 23, 1999.
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Author:Bridge, Kamal
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Date:Sep 22, 1999
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