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Book 'Focus Pakistan' launched.

ISLAMABAD -- To pen a factual, rational and authoritative counter-narrative to the increasing negative image being woven by a regional and a global hegemonic country's leader, a book 'Focus Pakistan' has been launched.

The compilation aims at effectively demolishing many prevailing misconceptions, willful distortion of truth and facts, perception deficit and negative publicity to cast shadows of doubts and mistrust on Pakistan.

The book has been authored by Amjed Pervez Malik, who is working as Secretary Senate but has over three decades experience in teaching, research, media and development sector in public and private, national and international organizations.

Focus Pakistan may be termed as a record or reference work about the young nation of Pakistan at 70, showcasing what it was before the implantation of Jihadis by the US government and a Pakistani dictator, what it became after that and how it was engaged in course correction when undue influence and interference was exerted from other nations in the name of checking extremism, while two of the nations were headed by elected extremists, acting like 'Bare Kings'.

It is not a book of history only as it addresses the current situation and emerging threatening situations both in the Prologue as well as in a chapter titled ' New moves on the South Asian Chess Board'. About the regional and increasingly engulfing different parts of the world, the menace of fundamentalism and terrorism has been deeply dug into and empirically tacked to inventor the United Staes and the emerging India.

Focus Pakistan builds a sound case for Pakistan as a country that is as economically viable, democratically woven, responsible, vibrant, dynamic and peace loving than any other given state in the region. While it acknowledges current challenges and past mistakes or neglects, it celebrates and highlights the true strengths and national character, the perseverance, the resilience, the commitment to eliminating terror and extremism despite heavy costs, the democratic ethos, the impressive arts and literature credentials, the power of youth and women that define the true and real face of Pakistan as a modern and progressive society which has got a bit defaced fighting others' wars; covert and overt.

This book is rooted in history but, more importantly, it talks about the future prospects and challenges faced by Pakistan.

It covers a number of issues; economic, cultural, strategic. However, the cross-cutting themes relating to Pakistan's continuing perception gap are at the heart of this work.

Using a gripping and mature expression and sound reasoning, the author has woven his deep understanding of intricate geo-political and geo-strategic issues affecting Pakistan and looming dangers in the wake of Washington-Delhi nexus and a series of political developments and decisions in Islamabad, London and Beijing.

Challenging and neutralizing myths and stereotypes wrongly associated with Pakistan, Focus Pakistan depicts the real face of the country with all its soft and hard powers, strengths and weaknesses.

It celebrates and revives the golden past when Pakistan was not referred to as a terrorist haven; and when world leaders, presidents, queens and kings took pride in visiting the country, besides groups of terrorists entering from Khyber Pass moving freely in deep Balochistan.

The book highlights that Pakistan itself is the biggest victim of transnational terrorism, having rendered more sacrifices in terms of human life and economic cost than any other nation:' Pakistan is more sinned against than sinning'. It also emphasizes that Pakistan is largely misunderstood; hence it is our collective and individual responsibility to act as a bridge between Pakistan and the rest of the world and clear all prevailing misconceptions through dialogue and reasoning, but most importantly through strength of character and honesty of purpose.

This publication heavily draws from already published and printed work and images. Work of different persons, relating to different eras, contained in different media has been clubbed together with thought, observations and analysis of the author to record the past and present of Pakistan to showcase actual strengths and weakness of a young nation.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
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Date:Nov 1, 2017
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