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John Birch: Soldier-Missionary: John Birch, fortified by Christian virtue, fought and died in an effort to liberate, in body and soul, China's oppressed masses. Biography Oct 8, 2018 2146
An Americanist dream come true: with its launch in the fall of 2005, Robert Welch University will begin to realize the dream of its namesake by offering an education that America's Founders would endorse. Mar 21, 2005 1174
Lessons of Rome: the rise and fall of the Roman Republic provides lessons that hint at flaws in modern political policies. Feb 21, 2005 1875
Rome's dark night of tyranny: when the republic fell, Rome entered the dark decline of empire. Only after centuries of misery under predominantly tyrannical emperors did Rome finally meet its end. Feb 7, 2005 3100
For the serious student. Feb 7, 2005 519
From republic to empire: the assassins of Julius Caesar hoped to restore the Roman Republic, but they instead set in motion events that encouraged the rise and triumph of despots worse than Caesar. Jan 24, 2005 2666
The rise of Caesarism: the weakened Roman Republic was crushed by Julius Caesar, a charismatic military leader who exploited his popularity with a Roman people who desired security above all else. Jan 10, 2005 3513
Cicero, Catiline, and Conspiracy: vying for control, Lucius Catiline conspired to become Rome's monarch, while Cicero worked to expose and thwart his plans and keep Rome's Republic alive. Dec 13, 2004 2509
Civil wars and despotism: plagued by murderous ambition, Rome's politician-generals turned their armies against each other--and even against Rome herself. Nov 29, 2004 2509
Rise of the welfare/warfare state: the death throes of the once-great Roman Republic began when its leadership embarked on militarism and exploited class envy to consolidate power. Nov 15, 2004 1949
The imperial republic: once a republic reluctant to fight wars except in self-defense, Rome became an imperial colossus capable of annihilating an entire nation out of sheer spite. Nov 1, 2004 3743
The Republic matures: the Roman Republic was not built in a day, but was the product of generations of reform and even some serious reverses. Oct 18, 2004 2520
The birth of the Republic: Rome's astonishing ascent was not based wholly or even mostly on her military exploits, but on the moral sensibilities of her people and the limitation of government power. Oct 4, 2004 3012
Keep US independent! Most Americans would oppose the Free Trade Area of the Americas if they understood the threat, which is why the FTAA's promoters must rely on deception. Cover Story Sep 6, 2004 3026
New world order strategist: thirty years ago Richard N. Gardner proposed a "piecemeal" approach to world government. The internationalist insiders have followed his blueprint ever since. May 3, 2004 2769
Mayhem in Madrid: Cui Bono? Apr 5, 2004 851
America's hidden strength: despite some distressing signs of the times, America's many layers of hidden strength offer hope that our nation will remain the land of the free and the home of the brave. Cover Story Mar 22, 2004 2968
Final frontier for private enterprise. Feb 9, 2004 812
The return of epic cinemas: the final installment of Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings is both a dramatic and technical tour de force. Jan 12, 2004 1746
Saddam: Latter-day Jugurtha? Jan 12, 2004 860
Morality matters: if America continues to shed the values of her Judeo-Christian heritage, she will surely follow ancient Rome into bondage. Freedom cannot long coexist with moral depravity. Cover Story Dec 15, 2003 3054
Soldier-missionary: John Birch, fortified by Christian virtue, fought and died in an effort to liberate, in body and soul, China's oppressed masses. Oct 20, 2003 2901
The state of Big Government. (The Last Word). Column Feb 24, 2003 832
Bread and circuses: mass entertainment focusing on emotional and sensory stimulation has put Americans in danger of suffering the fate of the Romans, who entertained themselves into oblivion. (Mass Entertainment). Feb 10, 2003 2558
Foundations of the Garrison State: far from being a reaction to 9-11, the proposed Department of Homeland Security is based on an elitist blueprint finished and on the President's desk before Black Tuesday. (On the Home Front). Oct 7, 2002 1734
TIPping off Big Brother: if the Bush administration's citizen informant program "TIPS" is fully implemented, America may end up a nation of tattletales and civilian spies that would make Big Brother proud. (On the Home Front). Oct 7, 2002 982
Reporting to the UN: the Bush administration's compliance reports to a new Security Council committee show the extent to which we are now willing to let the United Nations dictate terms to us. (Terrorism). Aug 26, 2002 1595
"Maid" of piety and patriotism: Joan of Arc, nicknamed "the Maid," was one of history's first modern patriot/nationalists. Her unique blend of piety and patriotism laid the foundation for a free, unified France. (History: Struggle for Freedom). Aug 12, 2002 4213
One nation under God: the supremacy of God as Creator, Lawgiver, and Source of individual rights is at the center of our nation's vision of liberty under law. (Cover Story: Pledge of Allegiance). Jul 29, 2002 3276
Castro's stooge in South America: though ousted by a recent coup, Venezuela's Marxist President Hugo Chavez was brought back to power by his goon squads -- the Bolivarian Circles -- with a little help from Cuba. (Venezuela). May 20, 2002 2459
March madness in Monterrey: Billed as a conference to help the world's poor, the UN's Monterrey summit was not just about money, taxation, debt, or even development. It was also about power. (Cover Story: United Nations). Apr 22, 2002 1795
New push for global taxes: A renewed drive for global taxation threatens to accomplish the UN's goal of an international revenue service that would collect taxes from every person on the planet. (Cover Story: United Nations). Apr 22, 2002 3856
Is it "only rock 'n' roll"? Far from being just a youthful fad, rock and roll music is a powerful force for subversive cultural, social, and political change. (Cover Story: Music). Apr 8, 2002 4075
Changing his tune: Once a fan of rock 'n' roll, Eric Holmberg now sees the threat it poses to American culture. He talked to The New American about his efforts to make these dangers known. (Cover Story: Music). Interview Apr 8, 2002 1238
Morality of music: Because music primarily communicates emotions, its morality may be judged according to whether the feelings conveyed are positive and noble or negative and base. (Cover Story: Music). Apr 8, 2002 1197
Prescription for tyranny: Under the guise of dealing with health emergencies, proposed legislation would grant states totalitarian powers while actually hurting state sovereignty. (Health Care). Mar 25, 2002 2027
Minding our own business: American foreign policy has moved away from the prudent non-interventionism of the founders to the present policy of global police action and empire building. (Isolationism). Mar 11, 2002 3599
Fallacies of isolationism exposed: Internationalists claim that "isolationism" causes incidents like Black Tuesday, but their faulty logic -- and the value of minding one's own business -- is easily demonstrated. (Isolationism). Mar 11, 2002 1472
World Government by design: America's subservience to the United Nations and transformation into the world's policeman is not accidental but is part of a grand design to establish world government. (United Nations). Feb 25, 2002 1362
Global lawgiver?: The UN Security Council arrogantly considers itself the lawgiver for the world, and the Bush administration's submission to its Resolution 1373 puts U.S. sovereignty and liberty at risk. (United Nations). Brief Article Feb 25, 2002 819
Gun grab revival. (Civilian Disarmament). Feb 11, 2002 3465
Tolkien's Tale Bears Ring of Truth: Set in Tolkien's own mythical Middle-Earth, the Lord of the Rings thrillingly contrasts the ageless desire for freedom and peace with the unquenchable lust for power and control. (Cultural Currents). Movie Review Jan 28, 2002 3970
Rings runs circles around Rowling: Christian in its worldview, Tolkien's lord of the Rings is a literary masterpiece far superior to Rowling's occult-laden, morally ambiguous Harry Potter series. (Cultural Currents). Movie Review Jan 28, 2002 1652
The Emerging Police State: With the threat of terrorism as a convenient cover, the push is on to centralize police-state powers in the hands of a strong executive branch. (On the Home Front). Jan 14, 2002 3852
The Un-American Patriot Act: The new USA Patriot Act, enacted in response to the September 11th terrorist attacks, could pose more of a threat to personal liberty than to terrorists. (On the Home Front). Brief Article Jan 14, 2002 792
The Mystery of Suffering: People of faith have long pondered how a loving God can permit suffering. Great thinkers throughout history have explored this mystery and defended the goodness of God. (Religion). Dec 31, 2001 3120
Sri Lanka's War on Terrorism. (The Last Word). Brief Article Dec 31, 2001 874
Meet the Real Northern Alliance: Anti-Taliban forces are portrayed by the major media as gallant "freedom fighters," yet various factions are guilty of crimes ranging from drug trafficking to civilian massacres. (Afghanistan). Dec 17, 2001 1267
The Case for Missile Defense: The fact that America faces novel terrorist threats such as hijacked planes and anthrax spores does not negate the need for an effective, comprehensive missile defense. (Defense). Dec 3, 2001 1454
Foreign Aid Follies. Nov 19, 2001 3098
America Grows Up. Brief Article Nov 19, 2001 832
Empowering the UN. Nov 5, 2001 2297
Building Big Brother. Nov 5, 2001 2209
The Global Taxman. Oct 22, 2001 1580
Children of the State. Oct 22, 2001 2125

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