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Bonnet jumper targets four cars in FOUR MINUTES outside hospital; A video of the man being pulled off one bonnet went viral - but that wasn't the full story.

Byline: Jenny Kirkham

A man who was captured jumping on the bonnet of a stationary car targeted four vehicles in four minutes.

Dashcam footage showed a man in a grey rain jacketdeliberately fall onto the frontof health care assistant Rebecca Parkinson's Renault Clio.

The incident happened onShaw Lanein Whiston, across the road fromWhiston Hospital.

Dressed in a rain jacket, the man stays on the bonnet for a few seconds before beingpushed off by Rebecca's boyfriend,Rhys Williams, 38.

He then runs off.

But now, new footage captured from inside the hospital shows that the incident was just one of many between 7pm and 7.30pm on Tuesday night.

Lisa Williams, fromWarrington, sent a video to theECHOthat shows the same man obstruct several cars in the space of four minutes, including jumping on three bonnets.

Astonishing moment man flings himself onto bonnet of stationary car

She said: "I was visiting family on one of the wards and my brother was downstairs, outside on the phone, and saw some guy arguing with security.

"When he came up he spotted him out the window.

DashCam captures man throwing himself over the bonnet of a car

"I thought he was drunk, then seen him cross the road near subway and lie in the middle of the road stopping cars so I started filming."

In the four-minute long video, the man can be seen sitting in the road, forcing cars to manoeuvre round him.

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A grey car turns onto Shaw Lane and slows down as he approaches the man stood in the road.

In the footage, the man can then be seen throwing himself onto the bonnet, before sliding onto the ground.

He then does it again, surrounded by witnesses who can be seen shouting at him and to each other.

The last incident in the video appears to show the incident involving Rebecca and boyfriend Rhys before the man is captured lying at the side of the road.

It is not clear what motivated the man, who seemed unsteady on his feet, to fling himself at bonnets.

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A spokesperson forMerseyside Policesaid: "We received reports of a 30-year-old man throwing himself onto car bonnets in Whiston on Tuesday, 11 June, in Shaw Lane at around 7.30pm.

"The man was spoken to by officers and an ambulance crew attended to assess the man who was well enough to return home."


Credit: Screengrab

New footage shows the man target four vehicles in four minutes

Credit: Liverpool ECHO

Dashcam captures man hurling himself onto a car bonnet

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Publication:Crosby Herald (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2019
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