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Bones bros.

While Stacy Peralta's newest film Riding Giants opened at the Sundance Film Festival, across the Utah town Never Been Done: The John Comer Story was accepted at X-Dance. Corner's tale was directed by Matt Powers and featured footage by Gary Shields, Wing Ko and Mike Furukawa. Never Been Done described the difficulties of being a one-footed professional skateboarder. The Giants big wave paean featured such aquatic marvels as Greg "Da Bull" Noll attempting to explain his penchant for big drops to the New York Times. Equally enchanting was Peralta's personal imitation of Sean Penn's original narration.

In the conjugal bliss department, Deldine's Cyril "Lance Jr" Mountain recently married his high school sweetheart. I know, I know--they grow up so fast. Good luck, love birds!

Johnny Layton is now seriously single since his old hag "didn't want a serious relationship." So Johnny is large on the passion play:

Kevin Barnett is working with Ed Templeton on the Good-Evil video.

The perennially reinvigorated Gonz is pursuing Set Straight, the new Krooked video, with a vengeance. Van Wastell, Drehobl and Bobby Worrest are all rumored to be involved in a US wide film plot. Equally unsubstantiated is intel that has Pat Duffy guest arting on a Gonzales and Company board.

NHS Santa Cruz Road Rider progenitor Richard Novak survived a drastic surgery in which he had his heart valve replaced.

Static is reported from the Hubba encampment, where insiders relate of a drastic change in "Buffalo" Keith Cochrane's obsessions. Keith's well-known obsession with bagging trophy animal horns seems to have shifted into an odd predilection for collecting outsized dubs. More specifically, Cochi'an's been roiling a succession of deuce-deuce and larger rims. His latest rides are a triple-toned black Navigator with 26-22s and a new Dodge 4-by which he justified to the Hubba cartel as "being a necessity since my transmission fell out of my other new truck." Son of God V had a little trouble accepting this. Pete Eldridge and Zered Bassett showed up in Tampa at the grand am, and were ultra-suede faded as they claimed to know nothing about Buffalo Boy's growing fleet of luxo sleds.
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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