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Bone drugs causing bone death.

The report below is not new; it appeared in the British Medical Journal of January 2008, but it is extremely timely because of the continuing powerful advertising campaign for these dangerous drugs.

These drugs belong to the group of "Bisphosphonate" drugs. This is the way these drugs function: Healthy bones maintain their strength from a continual process of bone breakdown and bone rebuilding. Osteoblasts are the cells that break down your bone, and osteoblasts are the cells that rebuild it.

Fosamax and similar drugs poison osteoclasts, permanently killing them--so the normal bone breakdown and repair process is interfered with! Your bones will indeed get denser, however, will not have the structural integrity they should have. In fact, since the bones are not being normally replaced, eventually your bones become weaker and prone to breakdown!

Merck (the manufacturer of Fosamax) tried to hide the fact that Fosamax is causing jawbone death! That is a disease now known to oral surgeons as Bisphosphate-Related Osteonecrosis (death of the jaw) or "Fossy Jaw", a nasty side effect of Fosamax and similar drugs. Essentially, the condition causes your jawbone to rot and decay-- quite ironic considering these drugs are primarily taken by people looking to strengthen their bones. In addition, these drugs have also been associated with:

* Serious eye inflammation and possible blindness

* Liver damage

* Atrial fibrillation (heart irregularity)

* Increased risk of ulcers

* Esophageal cancer

* Renal failure (Kidney damage)

Merck did not disclose these problems, but they also did not disclose the damage done by VIOXX--which killed tens of thousands of users.

In addition, Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva cause serious trouble because they stay in the bone indefinitely and disrupt the normal bone regeneration process forever!

I must repeat: the Gerson Therapy has shown that it is able to not only stop bone loss but regenerate bones already weakened by osteoporosis. Side effects are that the Therapy also heals and regenerates all other organ systems.

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Title Annotation:Bone "Builders" Fosamax[R], Actonel[R], Boniva[R]
Author:Gerson, Charlotte
Publication:Gerson Healing Newsletter
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Date:Mar 1, 2010
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