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Bone Wars.

Bone Wars

Tom Rea

University of Pittsburgh Press

3400 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15260

0822958465 $16.00 1-800-666-2211

Knowledgeably written by former journalist Tom Rea, Bone Wars: The Excavation And Celebrity Of Andrew Carnegie's Dinosaurs is the award-winning true story of how a Diplodicus carngeii fossil (named after famous industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie) found in the Wyoming badlands helped bring about public fascination with the great beasts of millennia past. Though Bone Wars is entirely nonfiction, it is so deftly written that it reads like a novel as it follows the battles of individuals, conflicting scientific theories, and even instances of backstabbing and double-crossing in the bone-hunting world of a century past. An extensive bibiography and index enhance this truly enjoyable and informative history, which is especially recommended for dinosaur and paleontology enthusiasts.
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Publication:The Bookwatch
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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