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Shuttle VLMs enhance parts department: Vertical lift modules double parts capacity and improve productivity. Apr 1, 2019 397
Modernized automatic palletizing system boosts precision and productivity: Manufacturer takes control of production and packaging data to cut maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction. Feb 1, 2019 403
Item-picking cobot technology supports fulfillment operations: Integrated with an automatic storage and retrieval system, the new robot picks, places and stacks. Dec 1, 2018 212
Bar code software improves labeling accuracy and speed: Manufacturer automates printing to eliminate labeling inconsistencies and support growth. Oct 1, 2018 280
High-speed, roll-up doors keep produce fresh and costs down: Custom doors improve operational and energy efficiency while slashing maintenance costs. Aug 1, 2018 557
Industrial ceiling fans help workers do their best work: Manufacturer curbs temperature extremes to maximize comfort and productivity. Jun 1, 2018 230
Cold storage distributor optimizes rack to continue expansion: Custom drive-in rack enhances longevity and access. Apr 1, 2018 447
Smart automation reduces logistics complexity for the industry: Pharmaceutical pre-wholesaler installs custom system during ongoing operations. Feb 1, 2018 341
Vacuum lifter boasts safety and satisfaction at dock: Paired with a telescoping conveyor, the new lifter turned an unpleasant task into a desirable position. Dec 1, 2017 275
Custom paperboard solution secures shipments of heavy equipment: Recyclable crating prevents in-transit damage and improves customer satisfaction. Oct 1, 2017 224
Distribution center dock improvements ensure food and employee safety: Comprehensive equipment upgrades ensure company can safely accommodate business growth. Aug 1, 2017 322
Fans create cool, refreshing new climate: after a successful trial, large fans replace old ones to boost comfort in tropical weather. Jun 1, 2017 188
Vertical carousels improve storage of spare parts and tools: distributor maximizes use of vertical space while boosting inventory control. Apr 1, 2017 302
New conveyor and sortation system achieves five times the throughput: 3PL replaces manual processes with flexible automation to save labor, speed and accuracy. Company overview Feb 1, 2017 390
Ergonomic lifter cuts labor costs while elevating safety: a previously two-person job is now done more quickly with just one worker. Dec 1, 2016 216
Reusable packaging initiative saves millions: automotive manufacturer expands reusable packaging program with more than 100 suppliers. Oct 1, 2016 394
Dock safety upgrades support growth: integrated suite of dock equipment improves safety, productivity and product quality for distillery. Aug 1, 2016 338
Dedicated e-commerce pick line delivers peak performance. Apr 1, 2016 399
Curtain walls sweeten storage environments. Apr 1, 2016 228
Manufacturer meets increased demand with collaborative robot: two-armed robot handles two tasks at once, improving safety and productivity for low-volume, high-mix manufacturer. Feb 1, 2016 233
Woodworking manufacturer dovetails ergonomics and speed: allowing materials handling with half the worker effort, a custom vacuum lift system increases efficiency and production. Dec 1, 2015 289
Turning device ensures gentle palletizing of bags: layer palletizer enables quick reconfiguration and is remotely monitored by the supplier. Oct 1, 2015 253
Doors make the most out of a minimal footprint: with only three doors into the new high-density freezer, any downtime reduces shipping capacity by one third. Aug 1, 2015 395
Intelligent LED retrofit saves 93% in annual lighting energy costs. Jun 1, 2015 331
Neighboring buildings connected by new automation and conveyor system: separated and bursting at the seams, two facilities get on the same page and prepare for growth. Apr 1, 2015 478
Barriers protect employees and structures at warehouse facility: polymer barriers preserve food safety standards while separating lift trucks from people and racks. Feb 1, 2015 265
Nested cranes condense two work areas into one: manufacturer consolidates operations with diverse product sizes. Dec 1, 2014 259
Automated packaging systems cushion the impact of holiday peaks: right-sized carton system speeds throughput amid rapid growth of e-commerce orders. Oct 1, 2014 324
Dock overhaul secures employees, trailers and productivity: Automatic vehicle restraint, dock leveler and comprehensive communication system replace manual processes at the dock. Aug 1, 2014 401
LED lights improve visibility for workers in tight places: new fixtures enable safe and consistent gauge monitoring in cramped industrial facility. Jun 1, 2014 289
Picking unit based on 24-volt rollers increases speed tenfold: while handling breakable goods, motor-driven rollers enhance flexibility and cut maintenance costs. Apr 1, 2014 319
Light-based communication system improves safety and efficiency at the dock: vehicle restraint system communicates to lift truck operators as they enter or exit a trailer. Feb 1, 2014 286
Light-directed put stations optimize split case fulfillment: pick rates at apparel retailer increase threefold with solution, topping out at 1,000 items per hour. Dec 1, 2013 251
Modular enclosure keeps the loading dock in its place. Oct 1, 2013 326
Reusable packaging leaves customer with a good impression: Custom roll cradle solution eliminates product damage while cutting costs. Aug 1, 2013 374
Curtain helps company achieve the best use of available space: flexible, modular panels control climate, quality and costs for glass manufacturer. Jun 1, 2013 413
On-demand printing reduces travel time, boosts accuracy. Feb 1, 2013 497
Pallet positioner reduces strain, increases control: a mix of spring-actuated and hydraulic level loaders keeps pallets at optimal height and orientation. Dec 1, 2012 343
Food distributor saves energy in new freezer warehouse: dock equipment ensures uninterrupted cold chain and easy maintenance. Oct 1, 2012 429

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