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Bon Appetit experiences at Okku.

Emirates NBD card holders enjoyed yet another Bon Appetit experience hosted by BBC Good Food Middle East - a private evening of drinks and canapes at the trendy restaurant, with Chef Hugh Sato Gardiner conducting a Masterclass in contemporary Japanese cuisine. Here are the snapshots from the evening, as well as some recipes and tips from the chef.

Sesame soy burdock and lettuce salad


280g burdock

60g carrots

60ml nikiri sake (alcohol burnt off)

60ml mirin-fu (non-alcoholic)

20ml dark soy

20ml light soy

4g sugar

1.4g shichimi

32ml sesame oil

20ml grapeseed oil

60g purple cabbage

120g white cabbage

32g carrot

200g lettuce heart

60g button mushrooms, sliced

20g kaiware

32ml balsamic vinegar

32ml olive oil

1g salt

4g salt

32g lemon wedge

4g sesame seeds

4g shichimi

1 Cut the burdock and carrot into 4cm long strips, with a thickness of 3mm. Soak in cold water for 15 mins.

2 Drain and add the sesame and grapeseed oil and saute the burdock and carrot till al dente, add 10ml of water to steam. Then add sake, mirin, dark soy, light soy, sugar, hondashi, and shichimi. Cook till the liquid has dissolved completely.

3 Place in GN9 and ice bath to bring down temperature. 4 Combine cabbage, carrot, lettuce with oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

5 Place the cabbage salad in a serving bowl, and add sliced mushrooms on top. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over. Add the chilled sesame soy burdock on top of salad. Garnish with sesame seeds, shichimi, and kaiware sprout and serve.

Seabass carpaccio


240g seabass

60ml lemon juice

4g wasabi

40ml olive oil

100g salt

32g cherry tomatoes

12g arugula

12g kaiware sprouts

12g red onions

40g black pepper

12ml balsamic vinegar

4g basil


32ml grapeseed oil

4g yellow mustard

20ml soy sauce

1 Cut the seabass fillet into 8 pieces. Place on cling film and pound until it reaches a rectangular shape about 3mm thick. Remove cling film and place on a plate.

2 Pour the lemon juice over the fish to begin the curing. Using the tip of your knife, spread a little wasabi over all the fish slices. Combine all the ingredients for the balsamic soy mix.

3 Pour some olive oil over the entire dish, and then add the balsamic soy mix to the fish pieces. Season and set aside.

4 Cut the cherry tomato into 5 slices, and place on the fish plate.

5 In a bowl, toss together the arugula, kaiware, onions, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Place the salad on top of the carpaccio and tear the basil leaf into pieces to garnish.

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Publication:BBC GoodFood Middle East
Date:Feb 28, 2013
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