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Bombs alone will not defeat terror.


THE reason the West resorted to bombs and bullets in the wake of the 9/11 attacks is that we knew of no other way.

A century ago, western nations had their own solid foundations of belief and values to fall back on.

Now of course, there are no longer very deep reserves of that, nor a firm bedrock of Christianity. It is small wonder that our implacable enemies in the twisted, twilight world of militant Islam long ago sensed that we were a wounded beast. OF HEROES all soldiers in the Guards who Afghanistan Germany like another assignment Let us hope last time put at this I agree with the Rev Canon Robin Morrison, guest columnist in Friday's Daily Post, that 9/11 happened because we allowed a distorted religious view to take hold and that the real challenge is to change hearts and minds, not blow up more people. But the best way to fight a distorted religious view is to offer a benign, decent, honourable religious alternative. Yet Britain is too embarrassed about its Christian heritage to do so, and exists instead in a dangerous vacuum.

WEEK North Wales Queens Dragoon flew out to their base in It sounds As I wrote the other week, we no longer know who we are and what we stand for, so unpleasant in Helmand.

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that only leaves us with the capacity for disliking our enemies and a desire to vanquish them by force as we now seek to do in Afghanistan. Could 9/11 happen again? Yes of course, and the US spent the weekend on high alert for a repeat on the anniversary itself. We also shouldn't forget the 7/7 attacks in London of 2005 and the appalling Madrid railway bombings months earlier.

OF FAREWELL These days, Al Qaeda is greatly weakened but nonetheless, militant Islam is on the rise among home-grown Muslims on university campuses across Britain.

the terrible art at Llandudno's Announcing as boss, Martin a new vision. Now can art being ridiculous like Inevitably, an atrocity similar to 9/11 is likely to be repeated at some stage.

But such stunts are not the chief threat, instead it is the more subtle chipping away of what remains of our cultural and religious identity by a people who unlike us, retain a very strong sense of who they are and how they wish society to be structured - and whose numbers are expanding very rapidly in this land.

We must insist that our own values, traditions, culture and religion predominate.

WEEK Barlow, he of masquerading as Oriel Mostyn. decision to quit says it's time for Amen to that!

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Decent, moderate Muslims here won't have a problem with this and will admire us for our resolve. And they need protecting from wild-eyed extremists just like the rest of us. Vital to all this is rediscovering who we are again. All it will take is a determined effort to turn the clock back to the day we won the last war and then proceed as if the last 60 years had never happened. The 1940s generation would soon root out the extremists in their midst - not with violence but with the impenetrable armour of a united, confident people.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 13, 2011
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