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Boma state urges Jonglei state authorities to call back youth.

May 2, 2017 (BOR) -The recent fighting that erupted between Boma and Jonglei state youth in Manybol area in Boma on Monday, triggered concerns between the two governments, with Boma state calling on Jonglei state to ask the youth to return.

The map of Jonglei state in red

Jonglei state had entered into Boma state since Friday, claiming to peruse their stolen heads of cattles and children some months back. This is the second time youth from Jonglei have entered Boma state.

Boma state information minister, Achan John said the state governor requested his Jonglei state counterpart to call back the youth, amid assurance they will recover the cattle.

"We have collected 35 heads of cattle, and we want to return them to Jonglei state. We are working hard to return the cattle, but they did not give us the chance. The civilians keeping cattle are not around, they are in far areas like Kongkong and Jom because of the dry season", he said.

Peter Labelel, one of the Boma state officials told Sudan Tribune that Jonglei youth attacked the area, killed people and burnt houses.

"The youth of Jonglei had taken law into their hands, they had gone back again to Boma state to collect their stolen heads of cattle on their own. They had not respected Boma state authorities who were trying to collect and return their cattle," Labele said Monday.

They had been interrupting the collection of these cattle, so what is remaining is unless they get them back by own, as they done it already. Today, they are in Manybol, killing people and burning houses", he added.


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Publication:Sudan Tribune (Sudan)
Date:May 2, 2017
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