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Bolivia boasts the soaring peaks of the Cordillera Real, the mesmerizing salt flats of Uyuni, the steamy jungles of the Amazon, Basin and the wildlife-rich grasslands of the Southeast.

Bolivia's tropical rainforests and wetlands are some of the most biologically abundant ecosystems in the world, containing nearly 40 percent of all animal and plant species on the planet

Bolivia's population is estimated to be 60 percent indigenous: The largest of the approximately three dozen indigenous groups are the Quechuam, Aymara, Chiquitano, and Guarani


Bolivia is home to the highest navigable lake in the world: Lake Titicaca (12,382.5 feet above seal level). It is also one of the deepest lakes in the world

Albert R. Ramdin, Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, visited the Plurinational State of Bolivia last December to make arrangements relating to the 42nd Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly, to be held in Cochabamba.

During his visit, Ambassador Ramdin met with the authorities of the city of Cochabamba and then traveled to La Paz where he held meetings with President Evo Morales Ayma and Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca.

"All cultures have their own way of projecting their future. I am sure that the General Assembly of the OAS in Cochabamba will give this land the opportunity to express its deepest values and its vision of the world, and to in, press its seal on the other nations that belong to this the oldest international organization in the hemisphere," Ramdin said.

Bolivia last hosted the OAS General Assembly in La Paz in October 1979. Assistant Secretary General Ramdin continued: "The OAS General Assembly in Bolivia will doubtless reinforce the collaboration between the governments that seek better conditions for their citizens, bringing them more effective democracies with peace, security, and prosperity, and a good quality of life for their citizens." The theme of the 2012 OAS General Assembly is "Food Security with Sovereignty."

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