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Bolder shoulders.


Use individual freestanding lace designs to add a designer accent on a ready-made blazer. Plus learn essential techniques for embroidering with metallic thread.


+ Ready-made blazer, collarless
or with shawl lapel

+ Water-soluble stabilizer

+ Polyester gold metallic
embroidery thread

+ Needles: size 75/11 metallic &
hand sewing

+ Freestanding lace feather
charm design (approximately
5/8"x2"; see "Design.")



* Load the feather design onto the
embroidery machine. Copy the
design as many times to fill the
largest hoop size, up to 30 feathers,
leaving approximately %" between
each design (A).

* Hoop two pieces of water-soluble
stabilizer. Thread the needle and
bobbin with metallic thread. Place
the hoop into the machine.

* Decrease the machine speed to half.
Embroider the design. Remove the
hoop from the machine and the
stabilizer from the hoop.

* If needed, repeat to embroider more
designs to achieve a total of 30

* Trim any loose threads. Remove
the stabilizer from the designs
following the manufacturer's
instructions; let dry.


* Download the placement templates
from; cut out
each along the armscye line. If available,
place the blazer on a dress form.

* Position the left-shoulder template over
the blazer left shoulder, aligning the
shoulder and armscye seamlines; pin.

* Place pins through each template
dot (B). Gently pull the template over
the pins, leaving them in place on
the blazer.

* Thread a hand sewing needle with
a single strand of metallic thread.
Position one feather over the first dot,
aligning the charm hole over the pin.
Remove the pin and whipstitch the
charm hole onto the blazer, leaving
the remaining feather perimeter free.

* Repeat to hand stitch a feather to the
second through fifth dot, overlapping
the feathers according to the
template (C).

* Repeat to hand stitch a feather to the
sixth through ninth dot.

* Position one feather over the tenth
dot, slipping the charm underneath
the sixth and seventh feathers.
Remove the pin and hand stitch the

charm hole onto the blazer. Adjust the
sixth and seventh feather edges so
they lay over the tenth feather.

* Repeat to stitch a feather to the
eleventh and twelfth dots (D).

* Hand stitch each feather perimeter
to the blazer using a slipstitch,
beginning with the first feather and
ending with the fifteenth feather.
Make sure the feathers overlap
according to the template.

* Repeat to stitch the remaining
feathers to the blazer right shoulder
using the right shoulder template.


Feather (Lace): Chic Charms, Urban Threads;


Use flathead pins to position the template on the blazer so the template can slide off more easily.



Discover tips and tricks to easily embroider with metallic thread.

* Purchase quality metallic thread that doesn't easily kink. It shouldn't be too rough or bumpy when run through your fingers.

* Lower the thread tension to accommodate the thread and prevent shredding.

* Always select a metallic machine needle. The larger eye allows the thread to easily pass through during stitching.

* Position the thread spool on a vertical spool to relax the thread and prevent twisting and breakage. If no vertical thread holder is available, place the spool in a coffee mug next to the machine.

* If using metallic thread in the needle and bobbin is too bulky or causing breakage, select a matching 40 wt. rayon embroidery or invisible thread for the bobbin.

* Decrease the embroidery machine speed as low as possible to prevent breakage.


Discover perfect sewing patterns to stitch your own custom blazer to embellish.


Vogue 9039


Vogue 8910


Kwik Sew 4104


Burda Style 6782


Grainline Studio Morris Blazer
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