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This is sad. No Comix. Just Skate Coach?! Too much SF fecal focus or something. Even if the Comix sucks it reflects the kids' daydreaming at school on notebook paper, or people that love it so much they can't wait to be free and roll once again. Comix, shitty or not, reflect other opinions besides Thrashers. Skateboarding is everywhere. It is not a secret little club anymore. Your mag was the reason I never quit and never will. Feel free to represent all of skating and not make fun of kids having fun because skating is fun. And if you can not remember that you have already had your Scorchin' Summer, you must be Jaded. The youth don't remember it all. I've read Thrasher for a long time; I remember it being not so bitter and cold. Please do not send O'Dell to Tampa ever again, and that is coming from someone who hates contests. But damn, sorry if 12-year-olds kick ass, that is just going to be horrible for the future of skating. I'll still subscribe just to see how much lamer Skate Coach can get, and there is still the plethora of ads. You should waste ad ink on Comix. I remember how thin Thrasher used to be. Now it's fat but still thin. Hire some more people, have less parties--SOMETHING.

Dylan Sun

Corpus Christi, Texas

Fire some people, more party.--T-ed
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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:Sun, Dylan
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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