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Bold face.

"Your face should be as vivid as your body," Sono Osato told the young women of the ABT Studio Company as they applied makeup in front of the mirror. Osato performed with Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo as well as on Broadway and in Hollywood. Here are a few of the famous dancer's secrets:

To make your nose visible from the balcony, paint a white stripe straight down the middle and blend the edges.

Apply rouge (creme, not powder) at the hairline, especially if you have blond hair, to create a difference between face and hair color. Also, shadow with rouge under the jawline. "Without shadowing, you don't have a face onstage," Osato said.

Never use green or blue eye shadow. Slick with brown instead. Mauve and purple looks dull.

To refresh makeup once the sweat starts, apply powder and use a cotton ball to tap lightly with cold water.

Osato is available for instruction through Career Transition For Dancers, 212.764.0172.
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