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Boeing, Lockheed win airport awards.

Boeing won a $1.37 billion contract to install and maintain explosives detection equipment at U.S. airports. The company will also train the 30,000 baggage screeners being hired by the Transportation Security Administration.

It will coordinate the installation of 1.100 explosive detection system machines, each about the size of a minivan, and up to 6,000 smaller explosive trace detection devices.

Boeing's team includes Siemens Corp.; DMJM Aviation, Deale, MD; Corgan Associates Inc., Fort Worth, TX; Leo A. Daly, Los Angeles; TransSolutions, Fort Worth, TX; Preston Aviation Solutions Inc., Marietta, GA; Cage Inc., Irving, TX; Advanced Interactive Systems Inc., Renton, WA; The Multitech Group Inc., South Plainfield, NJ; Turner Construction Co., Farmington Hills, MI; Ricondo & Associates, Chicago; Hanscomb, Houston; Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger, Washington; and Aergo, Dallas.

The Transportation Security Administration awarded a Phase II contract to Lockheed Martin to redesign airport security checkpoints to accommodate new equipment. The contract is worth up to $490 million.

Lockheed Martin subcontractors include KPMG, McLean, VA; Parsons Corp., Washington; and Booz-Allen Hamilton, McLean. VA.

In announcing the awards, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta underscored the department's determination to meet Congress's Dec. 31 deadline for screening all checked luggage for explosives. Some airport operators have warned the deadline is impossible to meet.
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Title Annotation:Lockheed Martin Corp. and airport explosives detection equipment installation
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Date:Jun 14, 2002
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