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Bodytalk What's new in health.

NERVOUS flyer? Now you've got to worry about deep vein thrombosis (DVT) too. Fitness instructor Lee Janogly, who for 10 years presented audio in-flight exercises for airlines, has invented her own solution - a foldaway, passport-sized plastic foot-rocker which is strapped to each foot. You then rock backwards and forwards for five minutes every hour. The motion activates the large calf muscles and increases blood flow in the leg by 900 per cent thereby reducing the risk of a clot. Skytrek Exercise Rockers cost pounds 4.99 per pair and are available by mail order. Call 020 7375 3638 or visit

NEXT time you receive a chain e-mail claiming it can help save your life, delete it say consumer campaigners. Health Which? says emails making claims such as "antiperspirants cause breast cancer" are frightening thousands of people. Bogus emails often contain poor spelling and the phrase "this is not a hoax".

A REMEDY made from grass pollen can reduce bloating and weight gain during menstruation. A study of 32 women showed that Femal reduced the severity and duration of symptoms. Blood vessels around the womb can leak more fluid than normal before a period, but grass pollen contain flavonoids which help the vessels to operate normally. Packs of 30 tablets cost pounds 6.99 from health stores and pharmacies. Call 01283 228 344.

IF you crave chocolate you could

be addicted to sugar in the same way a drug addict is hooked on heroin, say psychologists at Princeton University. Research found that sugar-fed rats suffered withdrawal symptoms including the shakes when sugary foods were taken away. Sugar triggers the production of natural opiods in the brain which can be addictive. Scientists say having a sweet tooth should be considered an addiction and not a lack of willpower.

IF you're one of those trendy foodies who has given up wheat, then Pret has a new range of wheat-free sandwiches. Made from rye flour, the open sandwiches are heavy but filling. The goats' cheese and pepper one only has 262 calories, salmon and egg has 336, and chicken and pesto 498.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 18, 2002
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