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Body hangs in [euro]10 Walmart sleep bag; CRYO TEEN: INSIDE FINAL RESTING PLACE; EXCLUSIVE.

Byline: CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor in Clinton Township, Michigan

SUSPENDED in a [euro]10 Walmart sleeping bag tied to a plywood board in the shape of a coffin, this is the frozen tomb where Britain's only cryogenic child now rests.

Little more than 12 inches away from me, the 14-year-old schoolgirl is hung upsidedown in temperatures of -196degC while waiting to be brought back to life.

Before dying from cancer last month, the teenager was confident of her immortality, predicting it would be "200 years" before she would live again.

Today is her 20th day in the Cryostat - suspended in liquid nitrogen in a huge human Thermos flask. Her body was flown to the Cryogenic Institute in Clinton Township, Michigan, on October 25.

Andy Zawacki, the company's chief operating officer, explains: "It is almost like they float once inside. We store up to six patients inside each Cryostat and they are suspended upside down on boards, wrapped in everyday normal sleeping bags.

"We have found they absorb liquid nitrogen very well and help preserve the body. Each patient is then hoisted above a Cryostat before we lower them in.

"There is nothing in between each patient. Their bodies are held by restraints while we leave a gap between their head and the end of the boards, so they don't touch the floor.

"We have them upside down for safety reasons as if there is a liquid nitrogen leak it will be the head that is protected most.

"Effectively the bodies hang like modern mummies until we hope science will become so advanced they are brought back to life."


DEEP FREEZE -196degC on temp gauge

TIME FREEZE Centre body of dead British girl

PLY-OGENICS Andy with board bodies are tied to

LAST STOP Chris in body prep theatre

ICE TOMBS Andy Zawacki with our Chris in front of Cryostats

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Author:CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor in Clinton Township, Michigan
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 20, 2016
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