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Body fluids absorbent article.

Body Fluids Absorbent Article: No. 6,911,574; Satoshi Mizutani, assignor to Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime, Japan. Filed 1/19/00. Issued 6/28/05.

An article designed for absorbing body fluids was recently granted a patent. The article includes an absorbent structure with a longitudinal center line, a body facing surface and an undergarment facing surface. The absorbent structure features a liquid-pervious topsheet making up the body facing surface; a liquid-impervious backsheet making up the undergarment facing surface; and a liquid-absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet.

The absorbent structure includes a body facing surface formed in an upper layer with a pair of compressed grooves. Each of the compressed grooves has opposite terminal ends and a length extending between and to the opposite terminal ends. The compressed grooves are curved along the entire lengths thereof and are arranged in bilateral symmetry around the longitudinal center line. They extend continuously between longitudinal opposite ends of the absorbent structure.

The topsheet is divided into a first absorbent surface zone extending in a central region and a second absorbent surface zone extending outward from the first absorbent surface zone. The first absorbent surface zone has a substantially smooth surface with no gathers and is formed with many liquid-passages extending through it. The second absorbent surface zone has a plurality of gathers that extends substantially in parallel to the longitudinal center line. The first and second absorbent surface zones have boundary lines in transversely opposite side regions of the body facing surfaces that extend along the pair of compressed grooves.
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Title Annotation:Uni-Charm Corporation
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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