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Body building and nutritional aids.

Body Building and Nutritional Aids

The fastest growing national obsession is bodybuilding. It is also a growing industry with the business world and the sciences all deeply involved.

Because so many products and so great a volume of information surround bodybuilding participants, reliable advice and services are necessary.

The individual participant should recognize how intricate the relationship between bodybuilding and personal good health intertwine. One point, at least, everyone agrees upon is that steroids should have no place in the regimen of bodybuilding.

Steroids are chemicals that can cause serious side effects and will upset normal life patterns. Steroid addiction, similar to narcotic addiction, can plague an individual throughout a lifetime.

An important cornerstone of supplementation to assist in bodybuilding is the use of protein and/or amino acids. Some nutritionists prefer the "free-form" amino acids, e.g., pure arginine or pure ornithine. (The work "free form" actually refers to the pure isolated amino acid separated from all the other aspects of a specific protein molecule.)

Other experts have the opinion that the use of a broad-spectrum natural protein supplement will provide the body with the needed building blocks to increase muscle size and strength without risking an excessive amount of any specific factor.

One particular example: the amino acid arginine (widely used by many bodybuilders), an excess of which may be associated with cold sores.

Nutritional experts prefer supplements which are both complete proteins in concentrated form. These supplements provide the body with all the essential amino acids.

The proper absorption of protein is a complicated process. Full absorption may be influenced by several factors. Enzymes are essential, for example, when complete proteins are ingested. Some people do not have an adequately functioning enzyme system. Such individuals may benefit from the use of a protein-digesting enzyme. Another factor which can assist protein absorption is lecithin, a fat-digesting substance that assists protein entering the system.

Because bodybuilders often suffer bruises, the use of vitamin C and Bioflavonoids can be helpful. (If a sensitivity to the acidic form of vitamin C exists, a similar buffered formula is available.)

Another substance, silica, can also be important. Like vitamin C, it is important to healthy connective tissue maintenance. An "energy factor," octacosanol, derived from wheat, can be very beneficial. If a wheat allergy exists, however, be certain to specify an octacosonal product from non-wheat sources.

In addition to the above mentioned substances, the inclusion of a well-balanced multivitamin-mineral formula is advised. Such a product will also supply the fat-soluble A, D, and E vitamins in addition to a range of important minerals.

A prudent and effective bodybuilding program will be prefaced by a complete medical checkup. The guidelines of good health are based on proper nutrition. The goal of building a strong and athletic figure must include that program.
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Author:Zimmerman, Philip W.
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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