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Body Worlds & the Cycle of Life.


Never before has an exhibition so profoundly changed the public's perspective of its own corporeality as Dr. Gunther von Hagens' KORPERWELTEN & Der Zyklus des Lebens (Body Worlds & the Cycle of Life). Through the presentation of real, anatomically prepared and preserved human bodies, the exhibition turns death into a source of vivid knowledge about life--and becomes a deeply touching encounter with one's own body and mortality.

More than 28 million people in over 50 cities have visited KORPERWELTEN. With a new exhibition concept for Zurich, it contains a variety of spectacular, unseen specimens and shows the body through the cycle of life from creation to death--how the body changes through time, how it grows, matures, peaks and finally wanes in old age.

KORPERWELTEN & Der Zyklus des Lebens appeals to the young and the old. It presents anatomical studies of the body in distress, disease and optimal health. It shows the complexity, resilience and vulnerability of the human body. In addition to testimonials of true miraculous performances by the body, there are also cautionary hints about the impact of unhealthy lifestyles and the latest results from longevity research. The exhibition tells us what we can do to stay healthy as long as possible and maintain a high quality of life in old age.

The gorilla "Artis"

This imposing animal plastinate is a highlight of the exhibition and one of the most impressive specimens Gunther von Hagens has created. Artis is a species of western lowland gorilla. The silverback is an adult male that weighs 200 kilos and is 1.85 metres tall, with a chest size of 1.55 metres and an arm span of 2.40 metres.

Plastination of animals like Artis enables us to preserve the anatomy of endangered species for posterity and to make it available to the public. Thus, species conservation and animal welfare are promoted, while the impressive anatomy under the skin of our close phylogenetic relative is highlighted.

The creators

With their KORPERWELTEN exhibitions, Dr. Gunther von Hagens and Dr. Angelina Whalley contribute to comprehensive preventive medical care.

"We show the aging process as a natural phenomenon that begins with the conception and continues into the conscious experience of later years. This presentation is complemented by the latest results of longevity research," says Dr. von Hagens. "Der Zyklus des Lebens shall remind visitors what aging is all about, and help them live a long, healthy life."


The foundation of the exhibition is Gunther von Hagens' pioneering invention of plastination--a conservation technique that allows him to permanently preserve lifelike and anatomical specimens through forced vacuum impregnation. His plastinates are highly accurate, scientifically sound preparations, as well as aesthetic and creative.

Body donation

All specimens in the KORPERWELTEN exhibitions originate from body donors. Additional information about the body donation programme is available through


Take an inside look


Giessereistrasse 18, Zurich


In advance: or 0900 800 800 (SFr 1.19 / min.) From September 11: tickets will be available at the Puls5 box office Single ticket prices: SFr 22 Groups of 10 or more: SFr 15

Opening hours

From September 11, Monday-Thursday: 9:00-19:30 (last entrance at 18:00) Friday-Sunday: 10:00-21:30 (last entrance at 20:00)
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