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Body Coaches: Sporting Icons Coming to a Screen Near You.

LEEDS, England, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Body Coaches is a new fitness website with a unique feature: offering live webinars hosted by top athletes with an interactive Q & A chat functionality. Anyone can register to access the site and become a social member. Subscribing to the live webinars is an option and free for the first 30 days. All online events will be archived for those who cannot make it to the live broadcast and can be accessed on-demand from any screen, tablet or smartphone.


Advice on nutrition, training and health topics will be delivered by athletes at the top of their sports discipline who have experienced the highs and lows of preparing their body for competitive scrutiny, who have demonstrated consistently their mental strength in being the best and who have been brought together by a collective desire to share their knowledge and challenge the myths.

Body Coaches is the brainchild of former IFBB judge and body sculpting exponent Andrew Coulson who, having spent many years getting to know the top body builders in the world, identified an opportunity to utilise their extraordinary dedication and expertise and bring these athletes in front of a wider audience through live seminars (there is no other site in the world where anyone from the public can register, watch, listen and ask unedited questions in real time and have them answered directly and frankly).

Although Body Coaches will be representing top athletes from all sports, it has based its launch around the giants of body building who have taken the best advice from body building's history, sprinkled it with their own unique styles and brought what was once a cult hobby to the attention of leading medical professionals who now recognise that combined with good nutrition, weight training is the most effective way of controlling weight and sustaining a long and healthy existence.

The opening seminar puts 6x Mr Olympia Dori a n Yates in the hot seat on Tuesday 19 March 2013 20.00 hours GMT.

He's a proponent of HIT (high intensity training) with an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition, genetics, science and pharmaceutical enhancements. A thinker and a philosopher, he holds court in a thoughtful and controlled manner, occasionally controversial, always inspirational, Dorian is one of the body building pioneers who epitomises discipline, focus and self improvement in all areas of life.

In addition to live seminars there will be regular features focusing on specific training programmes devised by our athletes, nutrition guides, opportunities to train on a one-to-one basis with the professionals, forums and chat rooms where experiences can be shared and advice sought from those who have done it all before (and got the awards to prove it).

Live seminars will run every week and following Dorian will be Ronnie Coleman and current Mr Olympia Phil He a th to name but a few, followed by leading athletes from other sport disciplines.

With consumers now having instant access to a plethora of information about health and training, Body Coaches dispenses with the bad, the ineffective and the downright dangerous 'advice' and offers an inspired alternative.

Pilot webinar featuring body building legend Flex Wheeler:

Editor's Notes:

1. IFBB = International Federation of Body Builders.

2. Body Coaches was formed in 2010 by Andrew Coulson and development of the idea and the website has taken almost three years to bring to fruition.

3. The company's focus is to educate on matters of nutrition, exercise and training techniques - tried and tested by leading sports people.

4. The use of steroids is prevalent in most sports and Body Coaches will address questions from the general public and in its live broadcasts. Body Coaches recognises both sides of the steroid argument and considers that this topic is best aired, discussed and that any information provided is of the highest accuracy to those who use pharmaceutical enhancements.

5. Andrew Coulson is available for interview and can be reached on tel: +44(0)7736-344630.

6. All athletes represented by Body Coaches are available for interview/comment and this can be arranged via Andrew Coulson.

7. Broadcast clip Pilot Seminar by Flex Wheeler February 2013.

For more information, contact

Tel: +44(0)7736-344630
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