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Bodies Mixed Up: Orthodox Jew Buried in Muslim Cemetery.

By IsraelWire

The Italian Hospital in Nazareth is being blamed for what officials are calling an "embarrassing mix up," leading to the burial of an Orthodox Jew in a Muslim cemetery in a Galilee village.

A Jewish man, 83, who arrived in Israel from Hungary several years ago, died Monday morning. Family members worked to determine how the body of their late father could have disappeared from the hospital. After over two hours, a hospital official called the family to inform them that the body of their father was mistakenly interred in a cemetery in a local Arab village and the hospital was now involved in plans to have the elderly man exhumed and then reinterred in the Upper Nazareth Jewish Cemetery.

The family contacted Nazareth Chief Rabbi Herzl Yishayahu, who ordered to open the Jewish cemetery and bury the man as quickly as possible. The family then filed a complaint with police and an investigation was launched. It was learned that a hospital employee switched the bodies inadvertently after family members had already identified the deceased Arab man.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Apr 7, 2000
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