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Bobo Newsom.

Buck Newsom played four seasons for the St. Louis Browns, four seasons for the Washington Senators and four seasons for the good fielding, weak hitting Philadelphia A's--he said Connie Mack put gloves on the field.

Buck won 20 games in 1938 with a lowly Browns club that was kicking the ball around. With his 20 wins, he also had 226 strikeouts. He thought score keepers were very generous in giving hits to the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers. Buck went 8-20 in 1945 with a 3.29 ERA.

Hall of Famers Hal Newhouser (207 wins), Dizzy Dean (150 wins), Don Drysdale (209), Lefty Gomez (189), Sandy Koufax (165), Bob Lemon (207), Rube Waddell (193) and Dazzy Vance (197) would have gone nuts playing for the inept bad fielding Browns and Senators and the weak hitting A's. These men pitched for good, winning teams.

Buck, who won 211 games, does not get the credit he deserves. His pitching performance in the 1940 World Series was one of the best in World Series history--he went 2-1 with a 1.38 ERA and allowed only 18 hits, four walks while striking out 17 in 26 innings of work.

He went 30-11 in 1933 for Los Angeles in the Pacific Coast League.

Buck hurt his arm in 1941 and with no DL, Detroit forced him to pitch because they were paying him well. He never really recovered from the poor treatment he got from Detroit during his injury.

Bobo Newsom belongs in the Hall of Fame!

Charlie Newsom Merchantville, N.J.

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Are Bill Mazeroski of the Pirates and Joe Carter of the Blue Jays the only players to have hit walk-off home runs to win a postseason series? Bobby Thompson's walk-off home run to win the 1951 N.L. pennant for the Giants was considered a playoff, but wasn't that real-ly an extension of the regular season?

Bill Gibson North York, Ontario

Thompson's pennant-clinching blast in 1951 was an extension of the regular season and not a postseason contest A player clinching a postseason series with a walk-off home run has been accomplished eight times in major league history.


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