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Bob Silbernagel.

Editorial page editor, The Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colo.


Career history: I have been in this position for 4.5 years, after having served more than 10 years as political reporter for the Sentinel and doing brief stints on the city desk, as business reporter and in a bureau. I began my journalism career at two weekly newspapers in Vail, Colo. Then worked for a small daily, The Glen wood Post, before joining The Daily Sentinel in 1980. I attended the University of Wisconsin (class of 1974).

Recent changes: I grew a beard out of winter boredom.

Recent awards: Not this year. Most recent: 1999 Cox Newspapers, editorial writing, metro division, runner-up.

Outside professional work: I serve as guest lecturer a couple times a year to writing classes at the local college. I wrote a book on the history of dinosaur discoveries in this region and am working on a collaborative book with a local historian on labor strife in the Colorado mountains at the turn of the century.

Community involvement: lam chair of the parent accountability committee for my daughter's high school and have served on several citizens committees for the local school district. I mentor a high school sophomore.

Recent travels: I headed for the Kentucky Derby in May to fulfill a life-long dream that is now shared by my 16-year-old daughter.

Family news: I have a 21-year-old son in college in Denver who is also working full time for US West, and the aforementioned daughter in high school. My wife, Judy, is controller at a small manufacturing firm.

Hobbies, interests: I ride jumping horses and am preparing for my first three-day event this summer. I enjoy woodworking and just rebuilt an old Ford pickup truck.

Last book read: The Greatest Generation, which was wonderful because I saw so much of my parents and their friends in it. Also, Atlas Shrugged, which was intriguing but really needed a good editor.

Best thing about job: It's a one-man operation, so I get to write on nearly every subject imaginable, plus edit columns, pick letters and cartoons, and lay out the page.

Worst thing about job: It's a one-man operation. Time runs out. There's little feedback.

First impression of NCEW: I was impressed that unlike most beat reporters, editorial writers don't seem to change jobs every two or three years. Most of them seemed to have deeper ties to the communities they serve.

Topics for The Masthead: I liked the feedback on my writing and layout that I got at the NCEW convention in Denver. Is there a way to get more of that outside of the convention?
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