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Bob Shields: Lovat or hate it, this reeks of hypocrisy.

Byline: Bob Shields

SIMON FRASER, the 28-year-old London stockbroker who is also known as Lord Lovat, studied economics at Edinburgh University. He should have tried the university of life.

It might have prevented him trying to block plans to turn Beaufort Castle and estate into a luxury holiday lodge and golf complex.

Lovat argues that the development would spoil the privacy of his farmhouse on the edge of the estate.

But there is no argument over who sold Beaufort Castle and its land to Stagecoach magnate Ann Gloag for a tidy pounds 3million 10 years ago.

Step forward the same Lord Lovat, whose family were skint at the time.

The bad news, Simon, is that Ann now has the land and the money and the power. And she can tell moaning crofters and farmers around her estate to sod off.

Just as the Lovat family have been doing for 600 years.

It's not very nice on the receiving end.

Is it Simon


QUEEN OF THE CASTLE: Things have changed for Simon Fraser now that Ann Gloag is lady of the manor
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 14, 2005
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