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Bluelight UV Disinfection Combined With Hydrogen Peroxide.

Heraeus Noblelight Ltd, UV Division, 8 Caldbeck Road, Croft Business Park, Bromborough, Wirral, Merseyside, tel:0151 343 0545, can now combine their new Blue Light UV disinfection technology with hydrogen peroxide sterilisation to provide disinfection of food packaging materials, especially in the dairy industry.

Conventionally, hydrogen peroxide is applied to packaging materials in a 35% solution and has strong antiseptic effect, as its oxidising action attacks cell walls to kill microorganisms. UVC irradiation, on the other hand, is absorbed in the nucleic acids in the cells and destroys the genetic information so that the cells die. The Blue Light UV system from Heraeus provides a positive and reliable reduction in germ count of up to 99.99%, depending on the type of bacteria, in a few seconds, and can also be used to kill viruses, spores and fungi to prevent further contamination.

When hydrogen peroxide and UVC radiation are applied at the same time, both methods are effective and complementary. For example, micro-organisms which react less readily to hydrogen peroxide, such as bacillus spores, are easily killed by the UVC; microorganisms, such as asperillus niger, which require a high UVC dose for their destruction, are easily destroyed by hydrogen peroxide.

The combined system can be fitted to original equipment or it can be easily retrofitted to existing plant which already uses hydrogen peroxide disinfection by installing the Blue Light UV system between the hydrogen peroxide application point and the drying section. A Blue Light disinfection module consists of a stainless steel UV cassette, containing two Gold Spot lamps, a 230V/50Hz power supply, inlet and outlet air filters and the necessary connecting cables. The Blue Light system has a normal life of 4000 hours, an operating power consumption of around 30 watts and an electrical efficiency of 30%.
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Date:Dec 1, 2000
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