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Blueberry pie.


Today Grandma and I are going to make a blueberry pie. We want to surprise Mom when she comes to pick me up. Mom loves blueberries as much as Grandma and I do. She especially loves blueberry pie.

I look in the refrigerator for blueberries. They are all gone.

"We can't make a blueberry pie without blueberries," I say.

"I guess we will just have to get more," says Grandma.

"Great!" I like getting blueberries as much as I like making the pie.

I put on my hat, and we get in the car. We drive past rows of houses. We drive past rows of stores. We drive and drive. At last I see the sign. Grandma sees it, too. "Nelson's Orchard," says Grandma. She turns into the driveway and parks the car on a patch of grass.

Mr. Nelson is standing in a wooden booth. On the counter is a stack of buckets.


Mr. Nelson gives us each a plastic bucket. "There are still plenty of berries. Help yourself."

We walk to a row of tall blueberry bushes. I look for big, round, dark-blue berries. I pull two from a branch and drop them into my bucket. Plop. Plop. All these blueberries make me hungry. "I wish I could eat them now," I say.

"I know," says Grandma. "So do I."

Grandma and I move from bush to bush. At last Grandma says we have enough. We walk back to Mr. Nelson. He weighs each bucket on a big metal scale, then pours the blueberries in a bag. Grandma pays Mr. Nelson.

"Now?" I ask.

"Now," says Grandma.

I take a blueberry from the bag and pop it into my mouth. It tastes sweet. I eat another and another. Grandma takes some, too.

We say good-bye to Mr. Nelson. I snack on blueberries as we drive. Finally we are home.

I help Grandma make turkey sandwiches and blueberry smoothies for lunch.

Grandma looks in the bag of blueberries. "We have just enough for the pie," she says. "No more eating."

We begin making the blueberry pie. I find the butter in the refrigerator and the salt in the cupboard. I can't find the flour. "We can't make a piecrust without flour," I say.

"I guess we'll just have to get more," says Grandma.

I put on my hat, and we get in the car. We drive to the grocery store. We buy flour and drive back to Grandma's house.

Mom's car is in the driveway. When we go inside, we see Mom sitting at the kitchen table. She is eating a big bowl of blueberries.

Grandma looks at me. "We can't make a blueberry pie without blueberries," she says.

I smile. "I guess we'll just have to get more."

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Author:Katz, Debra Friedland
Publication:Highlights for Children
Article Type:Short story
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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