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BlueHornet Networks Introduces Social Influencers Strategy Blueprint.

Automated email solution rewards and incents social sharing

SAN DIEGO -- BlueHornet Networks, Inc., a leading enterprise email marketing provider, introduced Social Influencers Strategy Blueprint, a new social email solution that is built into its flagship email application, eMarketing Suite Enterprise. Using Social Influencers Strategy Blueprint, marketers can automatically identify members of their email subscriber list who actively share email content across their personal social networks, segment those subscribers based on their social sharing behavior, and send them targeted emails designed to motivate additional social sharing activities.

"Brands are finding that short-term marketing campaigns to drive fans, likes or follows may only produce short-term value since many customers end their social engagement with the brand once the immediate incentive is gone," said Gerry Widmer, general manager of BlueHornet. "Social Influencers Strategy Blueprint was developed to address this challenge. With this solution, marketers can connect with social influencers in two ways. First, they can acknowledge and reward what we call "organic" social sharing - actions subscribers take on their own, without an overt incentive. Second, they can reward email sharing behaviors that occur more than once and over a period of time."

BlueHornet's Social Influencer Strategy Blueprint is an email program creation wizard that allows marketers to set as many as three tiers of influence based on marketer-determined levels of social sharing that occur within a chosen timeframe. The solution automatically identifies and segments subscribers into influence tiers once they have met the sharing criteria. It then automatically triggers an email campaign targeted to the existing influence tier to push the engaged subscriber into a higher tier level by incenting additional social sharing. Increased engagement can be incented with overt rewards, such as discounts. Marketers also may choose to reward engagement covertly, for example, by "leaking" new information only to their social influencers.

The Social Influencer Strategy Blueprint extends the capabilities of two core BlueHornet offerings - SocialLoop and the Strategy Blueprints offering. The SocialLoop([TM]) social email program enables two-way data exchange between BlueHornet and social networking sites. The Strategy Blueprints offering features step-by-step strategic email program creation wizards, such as welcome and win-back email campaigns.

To learn more about the BlueHornet Social Influencer Strategy Blueprint solution, visit

About BlueHornet Networks, Inc. BlueHornet Networks, Inc., specializes in helping marketers create highly targeted email programs that evolve through the customer lifecycle. The company's lifecycle messaging tools and strategies deliver the value, flexibility and strength brands need to drive sales online and in stores. BlueHornet's email solutions are designed to be used in conjunction with emerging marketing technologies such as social media, mobile, video and product recommendations. To learn more about BlueHornet, visit and follow @BlueHornetEmail on Twitter.

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Date:Nov 15, 2011
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