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Blue rays.

Beautiful are the evenings In serene autumn months. There's something mysterious in the moon The streets talk to the sky.

Feeling this spell I'm folded in the embrace of silence I'm listening to the fairy tales of the stars And I feel as if I were in the skies.

Everywhere just silence and calm. There's nobody in the streets, As if everyone were sleeping, As if this existence were deprived of life.

The streets are shining brightly The windows pour light, But nobody, no home is sound asleep. the thoughts and ideas are restless.

The rays of blue screens Pour into the eyes of people, Everyone is bewitched With the wolf chasing the hare.

There's silence, silence in the streets, There's anxiety, anxiety in every home. The sixteenth-serial sufferings Mercilessly drive on the nerves.

The adult patience is never lost, The children would not look at their food. A kurbashi is shot, Stierlitz escapes another danger.

A young man kisses his beloved, Who has just returned from someone else's embrace, Abandoning their dolls, Our little girls watch it.

Each day is the same. When evening comes we sit down before this miracle, Emotions are poured down from the screen, We are laughing and crying.

Today I decided to look at the face Of the world. Looking attentively, I wanted to sate with aryks and flowers.

The stars are dropping down on my shoulders, Everything is filled with a wonderful fragrance. The skies are spilling on my breast Some cool, sweet serenity.

I am walking the streets, alone, The silence is calling for me, Everything is keeping silence, Every window is lit with blue lights.

ERKIN VAHIDOV (b. 1936) took his degree in philology from Tashkent State University in 1960, served in various editorial and directoral capacities at the Gvardia and Ghulam publishing houses (1960-88), and edited the magazine Yashlik. Since 1991 he has been a Deputy to the Uzbekistan Supreme Soviet. His published verse collections include Breath of Dawn (1961), Light Keeper (1970), and Living Planets (1980).
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Author:Vahidov, Erkin
Publication:World Literature Today
Date:Jun 22, 1996
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