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Blue over Parkerizing.

Q I have a Mi carbine that is basically a parts gun. In addition it has been well used and the stock was replaced years ago with a commercial sporter stock. My question has to. do with the finish. The gun was originally Parkerized. I would like to have the gun refinished My gunsmith says I will have to have the Parkerizing removed before it can be blued. Another person told me that was not true. Can I have the gun blued without removing the Parkerizing?

A You definitely can blue over Parkerizing. 1 have done that a number of times over the years. Parkerizing also makes a perfect base for a spray-on finish like Lauer DuraCoat.
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Title Annotation:Ask the Gunsmith
Author:Coffield, Reid
Publication:Shotgun News
Article Type:Interview
Date:Jul 10, 2014
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