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Blue eyed blonde haired.. and big fans of Hitler; Sickest teen act in USA use pop to spout Nazi hate.

Byline: By Ryan Parry

NO bubblegum pop band ever looked more cute and innocent than sister act Lamband LynxGaede. But while most teeny music acts stick to lyrics about young love, these two 13-year-old California twins preach vile racism and Nazi hatred.

Lamb and Lynx, and their band Prussian Blue, are the darlings of the US white supremacy music circuit.

Their lyrics praise Hitler and Rudolf Hess, the sisters give Nazi salutes on stage and they use press interviews to call for white power and deny that the Holocaust ever happened.

Lamb said recently: "Men like Adolf Hitler and Rudolph Hess are heroes to our cause.

"Adolf Hitler wasa great man who was only trying to preserve his own race in his own country."

Lynx added: "Lots of things were exaggerated about the war.

"We don't believe that six million Jews were executed. I mean, there were not even that many Jews alive then.

"We know there were concentration camps but they had swimming pools and tennis courts there.

"That's not how you are going to treat people if you are getting ready to kill them by putting them in gas chambers and burning them up Lamband Lynx come from a proud family of racists.

The family recently donated money to victims of Hurricane Katrina - then insisted it should only go to whites.

The girls' mum April, who writes some of their lyrics, took them out of school and started educating them herself because teachers had told them about historic achievements by black people.

And the twins' grandad, Bill, wears a swastika on his belt buckle and uses the Nazi emblem as a cattle brand.

David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, has used Prussian Blue to boost his twisted message.

The girls play for groups such as the neo-Nazi National Alliance, and at conferences for Holocaust deniers. They hope they are getting their message across to the young.

Lynx said: "We are proud of being white. We want our people to stay white. We want our children to look like us - with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"We don't hate black people or Mexican people or Asian people.We just don't think white people should mix with them.

"We don't incite violence towards other races. But at the same time we would not have them in our house or hang out with any of them."

April is proud of her girls' career, despite claiming they have received death threats. And she has no regrets about her decision to withdraw them from school.

She said: "They were being taught things that included the first black man that did this, the first Asian man that did that. So I decided to show them things that the white man has done.

"I found some great history books that were written in the 1950s, before the civil rights movement.

"I trust them to make their own decisions and their own conclusions.But I am confident that they will see the truth."

The twins have just started work on their second album. But they like to relax too, by playing a video game called Ethnic Cleansing.

Lamb explained: "You have a gun and you have to hunt down and kill as many black people as possible.

"But this doesn't mean I am going to go out and shoot black people


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 28, 2005
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