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Blue Trail Range and Gun Shop.


BLUE TRAIL RANGE AND GUN SHOP 316 N. Brandford Road Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

SI: What's selling now? DL: Well, we're selling a lot of ammunition. Unlike other businesses in the New England area, which are hurting, we're doing quite well. People do seem to be coming out to the range to do recreational shooting, and therefore ammunition sales are doing well.

SI: What kind of ammunition?

DL: Probably the Blazer, since it's the less expensive handgun ammunition, is our biggest seller. Also shotgun ammunition is very much a seller. We stock only Winchester shotgun ammunition and that's selling very very hot for us.

SI: And when you are selling guns, what's selling in the way of guns?

DL: Well, handguns are the biggest sellers. S&Ws, the 9mms, the 10mms, are the hot items now. It's basically what's popular at that time. We're also selling a fair amount of Marlin products, the lever actions basically. The .22s are very popular.

SI: What about with your Starshot system?

DL: The Starshot system we've been running for about a year now, so it's relatively new. We haven't gotten any leagues going in it yet, which we hope to do next year, but it's caught on quite good this summer. It's only open on weekends and we draw about 50 people on an average for a weekend.

SI: What seems to be the popular shotgun for Starshot?

DL: The semiautomatic skeet gun is very popular. The name brand varies, but definitely a skeet gun is used the most.

SI: In handguns, have you noticed any particular model that seems to be selling well in either the 9mm or the 10mms?

DL: Not really. We try to push the S&W because it's American made and it's somewhat local. The Glocks are selling very well and they're quite popular because of the police activity with them.

About the Dealer . . .

The Blue Trail Range is the Old Lyman Gunsight Corporation range. The range and the gun shop have remained in the Lyman family. The range is open to the public and there are over 200 firing points which include pistol and rifle ranges. There is also a new "Starshot" range for shotgunners. Because of the range the emphasis in the store is on competitive rifles, air guns and competition accessories. Naturally they retail a complete line of Lyman products and associated reloading supplies. The retail store is small in comparison to the range stocking only 100 firearms. SI talked with Dave Lyman.
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Title Annotation:interview with Dave Lyman on the hottest guns that are selling
Author:Smith, Kerby C.
Publication:Shooting Industry
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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