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Blue Bunny ties with Blue's Clues.

Wells' Dairy, makers of Blue Bunny ice cream, has announced a new flavor honoring Blue, the immensely popular cartoon star of the popular Nick Jr. Blue's Clues television program. Wells' has given Blue her very own ice cream flavor, "a yummy blue vanilla ice cream dotted with Blue's Clues paw print sugar cookies." Blue Bunny Blue's Clues ice cream is being marketed throughout Wells' distribution areas across the United States, and in Mexico and Puerto Rico. It is offered in half-gallon squares and a novelty format, Blue's Clues Cool Tubes, a blue raspberry sherbet treat.

Blue's Clues is an educational experience for preschoolers, aiming to develop thinking skills, motor skills, imagination, and creativity, as well as good personal habits. The show's creators seek to take advantage of the way preschoolers learn, by repeating the same tasks over and over. A show representative explained: "They may watch the same video, read the same book, and sing the same song repeatedly. This is because preschoolers learn through repetition. So it's no mistake that the same episode of Blue's Clues is aired every day for a week. By the end of that week, many children will have mastered a whole new set of skills."

The success of the show has spawned a live tour featuring the Blue's Clues characters, as well as lines of Blue's Clues clothing, children's furniture, books and videos, and educational toys. There is also an online Bulletin board, for the more computer-literate preschoolers.
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Date:Jan 20, 2003
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