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Blue Blood for Tumor Therapy; Pioneers of Biotechnology: Fellbach-based Pharmaceutial Company 'biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH'.

STUTTGART, Germany, February 4 /PRNewswire/ -- There is a living pharmacy dormant inside the inconspicuous Californian keyhole snail "Meguratha crenulata". The cancer combating active agent "Keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH)" can be extracted from the lymph of the palm-sized marine snail; this substance is irreplaceable for bladder carcinoma therapy. For the Fellbach-based biosyn GmbH specialising in the manufacture of medication for cancer and intensive-care medicine, this "tumor therapy from the ocean" is one of its most important projects. In the 20th year of its existence, the company comprises a staff of over 80 employees and is among the leading medium-scale pharmaceutical companies.

To extract the raw material for the anti-cancer active agent "Immunocyanin" from the Meguratha crenulata, biosyn maintained its own sea water aquarium. The snails were kept there under conditions simulating those in the Pacific. To obtain the precious blue blood - the color comes from the high copper content - the snails were punctured under cold anesthetic and placed back in the trough undamaged. This process is now performed by the Californian subsidiary biosyn Corporation in Carlsbad. In Fellbach, the snail lymph is bio-technologically cleaned and prepared - the aim of the bio-technology pioneers being the genetically engineered manufacture of the active agent Immunocyanin.

Immunocyanin as a medication is an approved drug in several countries under the trademark Immucothel; verifiable results being reported from Holland and Austria. There, Immucothel is used to prevent the growth of new bladder tumors after operations. "biosyn is the only supplier worldwide that can manufacture this highly purified glycoprotein in the quality required for clinical use," says Ortwin Kottwitz, Managing Directory of biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH.

Another key to its success is the purposeful focus on the global market. The first office in a foreign country was founded as early as in 1985 in Vienna; Intersyn AG in Switzerland followed in 1993. The biosyn Corporation in California has been in existence since 1995; in Europe and South America, biosyn has licensees who will market the products from Fellbach according to their country-specific approvals.

The Stuttgart region is famous not only for its cars (DaimlerChrysler, Porsche) - it is also one of the leading Biotech locations in Germany.

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Date:Feb 4, 2005
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