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Blue Bell touts non-shrinkage.

Blue Bell Ice Cream, which claims the number three spot among best-selling ice cream brands in the U.S., is running a new 30-second television commercial in most of its distribution areas touting the fact that the company is still offering a full half-gallon of ice cream for the price of a half-gallon, in contrast to the recently reduced in size packages of the market leaders Dreyer's/Edy's and Breyers. The ads, which hit the airwaves in mid-June, begin with video of a handyman scratching his head because the two-by-four he just cut doesn't fit while a voice over says, "Can you imagine if they started making shorter rulers?" The voiceover continues, "Or made shoe sizes smaller?" with video of a woman trying to cram her foot into a shoe that doesn't fit. "Of saved money by turning big screens into little screens?" the voice goes on, over the image of a man squinting hopelessly at a TV screen on his wall that is about the size of the average framed photograph.

The next image is of a puzzled woman in a supermarket turning a carton of ice cream sideways, surprised at how narrow it is. The voiceover continues: "Or reduced a carton of ice cream by as much as a pint!" Finally, the satisfied buyer of Blue Bell Ice Cream regards his full half-gallon of Homemade Vanilla with pleasure. "So don't be a pint short of a half-gallon. Take home all you pay for," admonishes the voiceover.

The commercial ends with a close-up of the carton which now has a graphic across the front reading, "Still a 1/2 Gal (2 QTS)." The text under the carton says, "The Little Creamery with the big cartons," and the audio concludes, "Blue Bell wouldn't have it any other way."

The new commercial is the first created for Blue Bell Creameries by Roger Christian & Company, ah advertising agency in San Antonio. It is also one of the first new Blue Bell commercials that is not directly of indirectly derived from the work of Texas advertising genius Lyle Metzdorf, who developed all Blue Bell advertising for 33 years, from 1969 to his untimely death in 2002.

"My purpose," explains Roger Christian, "was to take the look, style and feel that Lyle Metzdorf established so beautifully over the years and carry that forward. However, most Blue Bell commercials traditionally have been institutional, focused on brand building. This one has a specific and timely message, much in keeping with Blue Bell small-creamery values--that the customer should get what he or she pays for."

This Blue Bell commercial, and two other new spots created by Roger Christian, were filmed at locations in and around Brenham, Texas, and produced by longtime Blue Bell television director Jerry Cotts of Satellite-X, Inc., in Santa Monica, California. The voiceover talent for the spot is Harlan Rector of St. Louis, who has long "voiced" Blue Bell radio jingles.
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Publication:Ice Cream Reporter
Date:Jul 20, 2008
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