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Blowing agents.

Blowing agents. Exxsol blowing agents are said to provide high insulating efficiency, and environmental and economic advantages, according to the company's information packet. Exxsol blowing agents are said to offer foam properties comparable to HCFC and HFC blowing agent-based formulations, outstanding foam processing and efficiencies, substantial environmental benefits and significant economic incentives, according to the literature. The Exxsol family of high-purity, cyclopentane-based blowing agents is said to be the best choice for meeting current and future environmental regulations, according to the literature. Benefits are said to include zero ozone depletion potential, no global warming potential and relatively low emissions. Applications include rigid insulation and integral skin thickness products. (ExxonMobil Chemical)

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Title Annotation:Literature
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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