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Blow clogs away: (No muss, no fuss!).

Plunging a drain or sink has never been so easy. In fact, you don't really have to plunge it at all. Just load a C[O.sub.2] cartridge into the Kleer Drain plunger ($33) and let air pressure do the work for you. As you press the handle, the CO2 cartridge is punctured, forcing a burst of air through the drain. It works as well as a regular plunger but without the effort.

The Kleer Drain has a removable rubber cone on the end. One position creates a funnel that fits into the bottom of a toilet bowl. In the other position, it can straddle a sink or floor drain. It comes with four C[O.sub.2] cartridges and four MAG-Power discs. Using one or two power discs will increase the velocity of the air going into the drain but decrease its pressure. This reduces the likelihood of blowing out an older, thin-walled pipe. You'll typically use one disc per clog. If you're using the Kleer Drain in a sink or tub, first seal the overflow openings with duct tape.

A pack of four replacement cartridges and six MAG-Power discs costs $7. The Kleer Drain is available at home centers.


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Title Annotation:Bath Special: New Products
Author:Vondriska, George
Publication:The Family Handyman
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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