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Blow Your Bank Wad.

Blow Your Bank Wad Tad and Alicia Carrier-Boxmueller, author Steve Reed, illustrator The Finger Tip Press 14 Chestnut Street, Suite 104, St. Thomas, ON, Canada N5R 2A7 9780973927757, $10.95

Happily married (and happily spendthrift) husband-wife team Tad and Alicia Carrier-Boxmueller present Blow Your Bank Wad: More Than 101 Scandalous Ways to Squander Your Kids' Inheritance, a humorous guide that quite literally lives up to its palms-like-sieves title. Yet the basic premise behind Blow Your Bank Wad is surprisingly sound: that the promise of inheriting a vast amount of money, possibly eliminating the need to work for living, risks subjecting one's children to "affluenza", a state of underachieving indolence in which they are unmotivated and unlikely to discover their full potential in life. Furthermore, claim the authors, raising a child to 18 entails an immense expenditure of money; by this time, the parents genuinely deserve the good life for themselves. While Blow Your Bank Wad respects some people's decision to give their life's amassed wealth to charity, discussions of philanthropical giving are largely left to other authors; Blow Your Bank Wad is for anyone who wants to overspend lavishly on themselves right here, right now. From beautifying one's home to buying boats or aircraft to taking fantastic vacations and even exotic indulgences like a gem-encrusted Rubik's cube allow even a savings-conscious consumer to gawk and wonder at everything from modest quality-of-life improvements to extravagant expenditures of cash. Humorous black-and-white illustrations pepper this funny and enticing read, enthusiastically recommended for blowing off steam--but not for anyone with credit card debt!
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Title Annotation:Blow Your Bank Wad: More Than 101 Scandalous Ways to Squander Your Kids' Inheritance
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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