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Bloss, Josie. Band Geek love.

BLOSS, Josie. Band Geek love. Llewelyn, Flux. 262p. c2008. 978-0-7387-1356-8. $9.95. S

For Ellie, high school has always been all about marching band. Now in her senior year, she is the trumpet section leader and thrilled to have a big solo. To say that Ellie is obsessed with marching band would be an understatement. She takes it very seriously and expects her section to be flawless. Just before school starts, Conner, a new sophomore, joins the marching band. Ellie is upset that he will throw off the section, but is more upset over the fact that she has a crush on him. Ellie has resolved to avoid romance in high school, after an embarrassing crush freshman year scarred her. Despite Ellie being rude and bossy, Conner pursues her. Ellie's feelings waver. She really likes Conner, but can't handle the idea of people gossiping about their relationship. Conner remains unfailingly patient while Ellie tries to figure out what to do. Ellie's life used to be so simple; everything revolved around band, her two best friends put up with her moods, and boys were out of the question. Now Ellie is slipping up in band, her friends are acting mysterious, and she just can't seem to get over her crush on Conner.

Ellie is obsessive, high-strung, and sometimes rather horrible. She's touchy and domineering, and cares too much about what people think about her. Somehow, though, her behavior and attitude come off as refreshingly real and honest. Ellie is indecisive and makes mistakes, just like many teenagers. Her strong personality is nicely offset by Conner's kindness, and their relationship, with all of its twists and turns, is interesting to watch unfold. The unusual setting of marching band, a microcosm of high school not often seen in YA novels, helps this stand out. Amanda MacGregor, St. Cloud, MN
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Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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