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Blood and virus resistant breathable laminates.

Fabrite Laminating Corp., has been a leader in the bonding and laminating industry for the last 30 years. Fabuthane "200," originated by Fabrite more than 25 years ago, is an advanced method for applying a clear, strong polyurethane membrane on a wide array of woven, nonwoven and knit fabrics, including lycra and spandex. This process yields a reusable finished item that is waterproof, breathable (if desired), soft and dimensionally stable yet extremely tough. Fabuthane 200 has been used in applications ranging from aerospace to sportwear (including swimwear and wet suits) to the food and drug industry. It has now been perfected to the point that it is ready for numerous healthcare applications. These include reusable underpads, diapers, diaper covers, operating room gowns as well as other protective clothing used in the healthcare industry.

In addition to Fabuthane 200, Fabrite also offers a waterproof, highly breathable membrane sold under the trademark "Fabrelle." When laminated to various woven, nonwoven and knit fabrics, Fabrelle yields a breathability of over 1000 g/[m.sup.2]/24 hrs (ASTM E.96B Method) and passes ASTM F903 blood and virus penetration tests. Excellent breathability and fluidproofness, coupled with its ability to resist blood and virus penetration makes Fabrelle an ideal barrier. Surgical gowns, drapes, incontinent pads and covers manufactured with Fabrelle offer the user both protection and comfort.

Recently, Fabrite has developed and patented a reusable underpad fabric, featuring a four layer construction. The first layer of woven or knit fabric is quilted to a second layer of highly absorbent nonwoven felt, which functions as a "soaker," thus forming the absorbent section of the underpad. This is laminated to Fabuthane 200, a polyurethane membrane (third layer) and a woven or a knit fabric (fourth layer) laminate, which forms the barrier section of the underpad. This composite construction provides dimensional stability to the underpad during laundering, without affecting its absorbency.

Fabrite's 200,000 square foot plant, staffed with a highly experienced technical staff and state of the art machinery, can create innovative solutions to your laminating requirements. Fabrite offers lamination widths of up to 72 inches and thicknesses as low as 0.005 inches. Every order goes through rigorous quality control tests at Fabrite before, during and after processing, thus ensuring a very high quality laminate.

For more information on how Fabrite can provide you with high quality material and workmanship on all your lamination needs, please call or write to Fabrite Laminating Corporation, 70 Passaic Street, Wood-Ridge, N.J. 07075. Tel: (201) 777-1406, Fax: (201) 777-6707.
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Title Annotation:10th Annual Show in Print of the International Nonwovens Industry; Fabrite Laminating Corp.
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Date:May 1, 1992
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