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Blood Redemption.

Blood Redemption

Tessa Dawn

Ghost Pines Publishing, LLC

9781937223083, $14.84, 348 pp,

Synopsis: Saber Alexiares is no ordinary vampire. He is like a cruel, fire-breathing dragon. Reared in the bowels of the colony by Dark Ones, he has no conscience, no compassion, and no saving grace. Captured by the enemy, he is sentenced to execution by sunlight only to discover that his body will not burn - he isn't who he thought he was. He was stolen at birth. He was reared by the wrong house. And the sunlight isn't going to kill him because he does have a soul.

Vanya Demir is the very heart of goodness and light, an ancient female from a magical race, the progeny of humans and celestial deities before they were cursed by the Blood. With her deep-rooted sense of duty; naive upbringing; and tragic, personal history, she has unknowingly packed her heart in ice and dedicated her life to the service of the Vampyr. She is wholly unprepared to face a fire-breathing dragon.

When their paths converge beneath a Serpens Blood Moon, they will each have thirty days to reconcile the irreconcilable, to confront the primordial darkness that threatens to destroy them both. Can a being lost in darkness for eight-hundred years ever find its way to the light? Can a heart that's been buried for as long as it can remember risk the ultimate in betrayal and damnation simply for the hope of Blood Redemption?

Critique: "Blood Redemption" is the fifth and newest volume in Tessa Dawn's outstanding and unique fantasy series. Those to whom this is their first introduction to the extraordinary storytelling talents of Tessa Dawn, her four earlier novels are also very strongly recommended: Blood Destiny (9781936185214, $14.95); Blood Awakening (9781937223007, $14.94); Blood Possession (9781937223038, $14.94); and Blood Shadows (9781937223069, $14.94).

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