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Blonde who went back to her roots; Kate Delamere on why Lisa Rogers changed her hair colour to be taken more seriously.

Byline: Kate Delamere

SHE'S opinionated,ballsy, tough- talking and hates anyone who misjudges her with a passion.

And after eight years as a drop- dead gorgeous blonde,TV presenter Lisa Rogers intends to be taken seriously -she's gone brunette. ``It's a cliche but it's true. People don't take you seriously when you're blonde. They give you a patronising pat on the head and treat you like you're stupid. I got fed up with it,'' she says.

``I've wanted to go back to my natural colour for ages.I'm the typical Welsh girl,pale with freckly skin,blue eyes and chestnut hair OK, with a few grey hairs. It's great to go back - I was sick of highlighting it all the time anyway.''

Rogers looks more rock chick now than fluffy blonde, which is fairly apt seeing as she has spent the past year going out with sacked Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable, whose family live within spitting distance of Lisa's parents, retired dairy farmer dad Edward and infant teacher mum Jean, in Trelleck in Monmouthshire,Wales.

She was there to pick up the pieces last year when he returned home ill half-way through their world tour only to be sacked 24 hours later by his best friend, singer Kelly Jones. It followed a string of bust-ups over his commitment to the Welsh rockers.

``He had an abcess on his bum,'' says the 32-year-oldindignantly.``He was in pain and couldn't sit down to play. He had to have an operation for god's sake. He actually had something put up his bum. Imagine?

``They told him to go home and rest and join them on the UK and European leg of the tour. But 24 hours after getting home Kelly rang him up and sacked him.''

She is fiercely loyal to Stuart and refuses to go into the ``real'' reasons behind his sacking,contenting herself with raising her eyebrows in disgust. Usually she'd reach for a cigarette but she stubbed out her last one on January 2.

``I can't talk about what happened with Stuart and the Stereophonics because it's in the hands of Stuart's lawyers and I don't want to get anyone into trouble. I have to keep my gob firmly shut which I find really hard for me.''

But you can tell she is spitting angry. ``He's fine,'' she says defensively, flicking back her new brown locks and crossing her jeaned legs topped with sexy red Vivienne Westwood mules.

``He's got loads of offers of work and is doing loads of TV presenting.''

By the passion in her voice,Stuart seems to have managed to get under the tough skin of this farmer's daughter.

She has a history as a heartbreaker. She walked out on her PR man fiance Damien Peachey weeks before their wedding,claiming `he was the wrong person for me',and dumped ex Royle Family star,actor Ralf Little after two years saying `our relationship simply came to the end of its time'.

Her realistic attitude to `love' means she will always be guided by her head rather than her heart.

Perhaps she has met her match in separated dad-of-oneStuart.

``He's lovely. Easy -going,funny,larger than life. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see him.He's very, very likeable but that's all I'm saying. `Treat 'em mean,keep 'em keen', that's my motto,'' shelaughs.

Lisa, who has just moved into a two-bedroomed converted Victorian flat in Ealing,London,hit our screens as a busty DD, sizeeight,gobby TV presenter of programme's such as BBC One's Superstars,Channel 4's Big Breakfast and Five's Saturday night show Grudge,Match,Exclusive.

But behind the mouthiness and chocolate-box pretty exterior is a razor-sharpintelligence.

She is about to start filming a new series of Channel 4's popular cult series Scrapheap Challenge and is off to Madrid in March to do a piece for travel show Great Escapes on Five.

She also presents new VH1 show Girls Night In where she makes her opinions known on anything from the clothes celebrities don't look good in to topical news stories of the day.

``This time I'm allowed a loose rein to say things I shouldn't,'' she says archly.

This is certainly a woman not to be underestimated.Girl's Night In VH1,Friday 9pm


After eight years as a drop- dead gorgeous blonde,TV presenter Lisa Rogers intends to be taken seriously -she's gone brunette
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 24, 2004
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