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Blogger breaks a barrier.

Garrett M. Graff, 23, has scored a point for the blogosphere: He has become the first blogger (writer of a Web log) to obtain a daily White House press pass. Last month, he was admitted to the White House press briefing as editor of FishbowIDC, a blog about the Washington media. Bloggers are rapidly moving into areas once reserved for conventional print and broadcast media. They have gained access to conventions and presidential debates, raising questions as to what makes someone a "real" reporter. On his blog, Graft chronicled his attempts to obtain the press pass. He made 20 phone calls and got nowhere. Then, other blogs and mainstream media outlets like USA Today and CNN picked up the story. "I think a combination of all that made the White House pay attention and decide to let me in," says Graff.
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Title Annotation:THE WEB; Garrett M. Graff
Publication:New York Times Upfront
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Date:Apr 18, 2005
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