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Blocks and Marbles from Crawfordsville.

When Mark Launer, a native Californian who transplanted himself in Indiana, founded Blocks and Marbles Brand Toys in Crawfordsville, he placed the slogan "Toys of the future with a touch of the past," under the company name. it serves as a pleasant reminder that this company's products adhere to traditional values by offering hands-on creativity and demonstrating how science, art and architecture apply to practical situations.

Its toys also let kids have fun while learning and give parents the opportunity to interact with their children.

The company's first product, Blocks and Marbles, consists of finely crafted solid wooden blocks made from walnut, maple and oak, along with some special pieces of mahogany and ash. Best described as a three-dimensional maze, Blocks and Marbles is a creative challenge for anyone age 4 and up.

The challenge is to build a chute through which a marble can pass, using different combinations of the various geometric shapes-blocks, cubes, rectangles. Like ordinary blocks, the simple wooden blocks can be stacked to form walls, towers or just about any other structure imaginable. The only requirements are wood, gravity, marbles and creativity.

Since Blocks and Marbles was introduced in the mid-'80s, it has garnered many national and regional awards. In 1987, it won the prestigious Parents' Choice Award.

The company has four other products: Blocks and Blocks, which comes in sets ranging from 30 to 216 pieces; Sight, Sound, and Motion, a wooden electronic toy; Blocks and Bubbles, a hard poplar water toy for ages 2 and up; and the newest, the Switcheroo Choo Choo, a 22-piece wooden train and truck set.
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Title Annotation:Made in Indiana: Toys from Hoosierland; Blocks and Marbles Brand Toys
Publication:Indiana Business Magazine
Date:Dec 1, 1990
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