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Blitz and cheat your way to a fab bikini body!


The sun is finally shining and holiday season is just around the corner but the thought of this is inducing panic throughout the nation.

More than half of us (59%) don't feel confident enough to wear a bikini, says a survey by skin specialists Bio-Oil. Our cellulite, wobbly bottoms, bingo wings andmuffin tops put us off from parading what we've got. But don't reach for an all-over beach cover-up.

A toned and tightened, soft and supple body could be a reality thanks to a raft of specialist creams with active ingredients, which could lift and smooth your worst bits. Combine their use with exercises to target your most troublesome areas over the following month and you'll feel firmer, fitter and eager to flaunt your figure.

BY KIM JONES BINGO WING BUSTERS BINGO WING BUSTERS Top creams to try: Soap & Glory The Firminator Arm Firming & Toning Formula, PS12, Boots. It contains ELASTICBOOST, a French algae complex to lift skin tone and texture.

Pupa Inner Arm Shaping Cream, PS42, From the Italian company that addresses every body problem there is, this is a favourite, containing an exclusive GYM2 Complex that strengthens the structure of skin tissue so it feels denser and tighter.

Top exercise to try: tricep dips Sit on the edge of a chair or step, holding on to the edge with palms down, fingers facing forward. Slowly raise your body off the chair then lower your body with your back straight against the chair until your arms are at about 90 degrees behind you. Raise your body, then dip down and up again. Try doing two to three sets of 10.

TANS THAT TONE ANS Finish off your perfect bikini body T TONerfect bikini body with self-tanning creams that contain skin-toning ingredients too. Genius!

Try: St Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Firming, PSeams that contains too. Genius!

PS20.49, Boots. It has allo-melanin, designed to mimic the skin's natural melanin for a relaxed Tan Plus Firming, melanin, designed to glow, plus a blend of ingredients to moisturise and protect while firming. Michelle Mone's Ultimo Beauty UTAN range of self tans, PS18,, elanin for a relaxed dients to moisturise Ultimo Beauty UTange of self tans, PS18,, tains wild indigo contains wild indigo flower, which helps wer, which helps hape and sculpt reshape and sculpt body contours.

dy contours.

BOTTOM SHAPERS Top creams to try: Dr. Ceuticals Bottom Lift & Tone, PS19.99, Boots. Helps to smooth and improve saggy tone and tests showed that skin was up to 39% firmer in users after 28 days.

Yves Rocher Bums & Tums Action Shaping Gel, PS27,, is a fresh, easily-absorbed formula with lotus to help fight fat deposits plus caffeine and centella to firm skin. Top exercise to try: the bum lift Lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on floor, hip-width apart.

Slowly lift your bottom a few inches from the floor, squeezing it as you do, pushing your weight into your feet. Hold it a few seconds, then slowly lower your bottom until it almost touches the floor.

Repeat 20 times.

THIGH THINNERS Top creams to try: Champneys Mineral Detox Firming Thigh & Hip Gel, PS10, Boots, contains seaweed extract and caffeine, plus lemon peel and orange oils to slim and firm.

Liz Earle Energising Hip and Thigh Gel, PS18.25,, contains hard-working botanicals such as horse chestnut and butcher's-broom, which help smooth and firm.

Top exercise to try: the plie squat Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointed outwards. Squat down slowly so your knees open wide, keeping your back straight and tummy muscles tight. Hold position for two or three seconds, return to upright. Repeat 15 times. Top tip: holding dumbbells in front of your thighs can make this exercise more challenging.

BOOB LIFTERS ERS Top creams to try: Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Breast Firming Cream, PS15.99, Holland & Barrett, contains clinically tested toning complex that improves the mechanical firmness of the skin that supports the breasts.

s. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Bust Cream, PS6.09, shops nationwide. With polypeptides, collagen and elastin to firm and tone.

Top exercise to try: wall press-ups Stand facing a wall, with arms extended straight ahead at shoulder height. Place both palms on to the wall, with fingers pointing upwards.

Gently bend your elbows as you move your upper body towards the wall until your face is almost touching it. Slowly return to the standing position and repeat 10 times.

TUMMY TIGHTENERS Top creams to try: Famous Dave's Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel, PS29.99,, banishes fluid retention thanks to grapefruit extract along with co-enzyme Q10 to tighten.

Top Fam Sm fam flui grap co-e Ma Body com, w energy l tightenin - the relea Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper, PS35,, works by increasing the energy levels within your skin, tightening it and increasing lipolysis - the release of fat.

Top exerc Lie face up, head for ba blades, but your legs m elbow acros then switch legs "pedal" Top exercise to try: the bicycle crunch Lie face up, placing fingertips lightly behind your head for balance and support. Lift up your shoulder blades, but be careful not to pull on your neck. While your legs move in a pedalling motion, bring your right elbow across the body to touch the opposite knee, then switch sides (left elbow to right knee) as your legs "pedal". Repeat approximately 20 times.

ALL-OVER BODY TONERS AND SLIMMERS Top cream Nip + Fab Bo PS14.95, Boots "Unislim" for said to speed KIKO's Firmi Iridescent C kikocosmeti a cream that as you apply active toning ingredients, s as glaucine.

Top creams to try: Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix, PS14.95, Boots, contains a "Unislim" formula that is said to speed up fat loss. KIKO's Firming Iridescent Cream, PS12.90,, a cream that turns into oil as you apply it, with active toning and firming ingredients, such as glaucine.

Top exercise to try: squat thrusts Ouch - remember these from PE lessons? They work the legs, arms, tummy and chest.

Top exerci Ouch - reme work the legs Stand with placing hand Jump your fe backwards so that you're in a press-up position, thejump forward to the squat position.

Stand with your feet together, then squat down placing hands on the floor in front of your feet. Jump your feet backwards so that you're in a press-up position, then jump forwards to the squat position.

Stand up, then repeat for one minute.

Stand up, then repeat for one minuIf these thrusts area too much fo you, you cou try out some star jumps instead!

If these thrusts are a bit too much for you, you could try out some star jumps instead!
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