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Bling blag blog.

You will have heard of blogs--sort of websites which range from personal diaries through obsessive compulsive single topics, sites about 'spy helicopters' through to sites which are indistinguishable from formally accredited websites. Most of them are run by individuals and most have active feedback forums. 'Blog' is both short for weblog, whence, via the deconstructed 'we blog,' we get the verb to 'blog'. Blog the noun is also, apparently, an acronym for a number of things from 'boring lump of garbage' through to 'based loosely on groupware' which just about covers the spectrum. Don't get me wrong they can be great. There is, for example, this architectural blog, Life Without Buildings, run by Jimmie Stamp at The opening page has this message: 'Life Without Buildings is concerned with all things Architectural, but believes that all things are architectural. At least most things, anyway.' I know that's not entirely helpful but there is interesting left-field stuff on it--for example the fact that Frank Gehry was a recent special guest voice on the Simpsons. He rejects a request from Marge and the crumpled rejected letter turns into a concert hall. Then it turns into a maximum security prison. No, I don't know either.

From bloggers to classicism via the semiencyclopaedic--the catholic world of the Internet explored.
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Title Annotation:browser; Weblogs
Author:Lyall, Sutherland
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Date:May 1, 2005
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