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Blind, pal? Follow my lead..

THIS pair of abandoned pooches are doggedly attached - because one acts as guide dog to his blind chum.

Jack Russell Glenn relies on Buzz the Staffordshire bull terrier, and always sticks by him after the duo were found sheltering together in a tunnel.

Rescue vet Sue Bielby said: "Buzz acts as Glenn's eyes, it's as simple as that. Glenn gets his confidence from Buzz.

"If they are separated even for a few minutes they both bark and become distressed." Glenn and Buzz - both thought to be around 10 years old - were taken to the Stray Aid centre at Coxhoe, Durham after being found abandoned in nearby Hartlepool three weeks ago. The centre is now looking to rehome the ageing duo.

Centre boss John Bielby, 56, said: "Glenn follows Buzz wherever he goes. They're a unique pair, we need to see they go to a good home."


I'M RIDE EAR Buzz and Glenn stay close

TIME TO PAWS Pair curl up in basket together

BLIND FAITH Glenn reaches out to his pal

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 23, 2015
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