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Bleu blazes!

Corbin Bleu is on a real-life thrill ride--his career. He was in High School Musical, a TV movie that was a huge hit with tweens. It was so popular, the cast took the show on the road for a 40-city live tour. True Bleu fans also followed him to the TV series Flight 29 Down.

Corbin's biggest hit so far is Jump In!, a TV film that premiered last month. He stars as Izzy Daniels, a teen boxing contender who discovers a new talent--competitive rope jumping. Jump In!'s 8.2 million viewers made it the most-watched broadcast in the Disney Channel's history.

Corbin, who turned 18 on February 21, says that his father helped him develop his acting skills. His mother is his inspiration for dancing. "My parents have taught me so much," he tells JS. "They have always been there for me, and they really are my support system." So are his sisters Hunter, 14; Phoenix, 5; and Jag, 3.

Someday, Corbin says, he would love to work with his dream co-stars: Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington. In the meantime, he's one busy kid. He recently returned to Hawaii to film the season finale of Flight 29 Down. His first solo CD will be out soon, and High School Musical 2 is in the works.
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Date:Feb 26, 2007
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